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“Rely on God, and do not give up...”  (Published on 12 Oct 2015)
Description: An explanation of a Prophetic saying which emphasis the importance of being positive, striving and trusting God.   
Excerpt: Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said: “Strive for what benefits you and rely on God, and do not give up. If something befalls you, do not say: ‘If I had only done such and such.’ Instead say: ‘It is as God decreed and He does what He pleases’.” When Prophet Muhammad said: “Strive for what benefits you…” he was encouraging us to hasten in seizing the positive opportunities that come our way. (Read more...)
New Videos This Week
The Six Articles Of Faith (part 4 of 6): Belief in Prophets  (Published on 12 Oct 2015)
Description: In this video AbdurRaheem Green speaks about the many Prophets that God sent to guide humans and how this is one of the articles of Islamic faith.
The Six Articles Of Faith (part 5 of 6): Belief in the Last Day  (Published on 12 Oct 2015)
Description: In this video AbdurRaheem Green speaks about the concept of resurrection in Islam and gives a visual journey through the last day.
David Biang, Former Christian, USA  (Published on 12 Oct 2015)
Description: In this video David Biang, who is born blind speaks about his interest in Islam and then accepts Islam live.
Featured Articles This Week
  • Chapter 7, Al-A’raaf (The Heights) (part 1 of 3)  (Published on 03 Aug 2015)
    Description: A brief commentary of Chapter 7 (verses 1 to 58) of the Holy Quran.  These verses are both an invitation to do good and a warning from being arrogant and disobedient.
    Excerpt: This chapter is one of the longer chapters found at the beginning of the Quran.  It is generally accepted that it was revealed in Mecca.  It is named after the height of the barrier that will divide the saved and the damned on the Day of Judgement.  It begins by reassuring Prophet Muhammad that the stories about disobedient communities of the past should serve as encouragement to the believers to take heed and repent before the great Day is upon them. (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
What Is Seerah?  (Published on 08 Jun 2015)
Description: In this video Abu Nasir Jangda speaks about what Seerah is and why it is important to study and he mentions some of the benefits of knowing the Seerah.
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