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Chapter 56, Al-Waqi’ah (The Coming Event)  (Published on 25 Apr 2016)
Description: When the event nobody can postpone or deny comes upon you what group will you be in?
Excerpt: The 56th chapter of Quran was revealed in Mecca and has 96 verses.  Its name, The Coming Event is taken from the opening verse and is also the central theme of the chapter.  The event about which there is no doubt, the Day of Judgment, when the people will be divided into three distinct groups; those  who are particularly close to God, the believers and the unbelievers. When the Day of Judgment arrives no one will be able to deny what is happening.  Some people will be raised high and others will be abased and pushed low.  (Read more...)
New Videos This Week
The Pursuit of Happiness  (Published on 25 Apr 2016)
Description: In this video Saad Tasleem speaks about the real way to pursue happiness and how it can become a reality.
The Answers to Many Questions  (Published on 25 Apr 2016)
Description: In this video Dr. Jonathan Brown speaks about many questions such as why God allows a cat to die, why rich people jump from buildings, what is wrong with the world, who created ISIS, How the media functions and so on.
Featured Articles This Week
  • All of You Are Misguided Except Those Whom I Guide (part 1 of 2): What is a Hadith Qudsi?  (Published on 02 Aug 2010)
    Description: A Hadith Qudsi is God’s message to humankind but in the words of Prophet Muhammad.
    Excerpt: This week we are going to begin a short series of articles about one of the traditional sayings of Prophet Muhammad, may God praise him.  In the second part we will focus on the great need humankind has for God, while, acknowledging that God has no need for us, our prayers or our remembrance of Him.  He is All Powerful, All Mighty.  However before we can understand this infallible truth we must be clear about the sources of knowledge in Islam and understand them.  This understanding means we are able to discuss immense and important topics in a comprehensive way.  Knowledge in Islam is derived from the Quran and from the authentic traditions of Prophet Muhammad, known as the Sunnah. (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
What Is Seerah?  (Published on 08 Jun 2015)
Description: In this video Abu Nasir Jangda speaks about what Seerah is and why it is important to study and he mentions some of the benefits of knowing the Seerah.
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