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United States 22 Dec 05:30 AM


Abu Bakarr Sidique Mansaray

United Kingdom 21 Dec 06:38 PM

I am very much pleased with this site and other islamic sites. Every time I discover articles on islam, I use them as my weapons to discuss religious debates in my enclave. Two young Christian youths came to me the other day to talk me into Christianity. Surprisingly, I was a Christian before, so everything they told me, I was able to tell them about the other side of midnight. The conversation ended into one of them asking me to get him a quran as he finds it interesting from what i was telling him. Unfortunately i haven't got time yet to buy a quran, but inshalallah i'll buy him one soon and take our discussion further. Maybe Allah will get him where He wants him to be. Nevertheless keep giving us more weapons to do our dawah.


United States 21 Dec 03:12 PM

Asalaam Alaykum: This sight is wonderful. I am a new convert of one year now and this sight has so much information and helps me out alot in learning more everyday.

Askiah Hassan

Malaysia 13 Dec 05:44 AM

Assallamualaikum warahmatullahi wabaratu. This site is very good not only for wanting to know about Islam but for muslims too. Alhamdulillah...............

Bobbi-Sue Dionne

Canada 10 Dec 12:07 PM

I am a christian from canada who wants to convert i just want to make sure i have all the proper informatioin first and this site has been so much help, thank you!

Muhammad Munir Hamdani

Pakistan 10 Dec 01:33 AM

Asalam-o- Alekum your this act is highly appricatable .


China 3 Dec 02:37 AM

slam hope this site help all of us to know more about islam i read a little good working to help to understand islam specially for newly muslim people. gulmirza


27 Nov 05:58 AM

Interesting issue, I did not thought it was going to be so great when I saw your link.


United Kingdom 25 Nov 04:02 PM

i am a christian woman wanting to convert and your site has made it so much easier for me to do that thank you so very much.


Canada 24 Nov 10:50 PM

salamulahi alaykum ya jama'atilkheyr idon't know what to say about this great web site it helps muslims and non muslims.i gave all my friends to learn more about their religion,and also non muslims to show them the truth .good job keep doing it


India 24 Nov 08:41 PM

Assalam Alaikum, Its a very good effort. may Allah give us more and more Hidayath...We Muslims first should know why we are muslims..then only we can clear others doubts....and this site is a very good place to learn the basics.

AM Gak

United Kingdom 23 Nov 02:56 PM

Assalamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu, You are doing an excellent job. This site is immensely useful for both muslims and non-muslims. I quench my thirst as well as recommending it to others. Well done for the video categories section. May Allah increase you in goodness and make your efforts very heavy in the scale of good deeds. Aameen. And May Allah give the rest of us taufeeq to do whatever we can in our capacity to serve islam and muslims and spread the truth to the whole world. Aameen Ya Rab. Ma Assalama


Sudan 23 Nov 05:54 AM

I am a muslim, since I ve been born. I always try to read and educate my self about Islam. Now, I live in a foreign country. Many people ask me about Islam, why do I wear a veil, .... You ve opened my eyes and provide answers for all my questions. Your site is informative, simply constructed and well done. Thank you very much, May Allah pless you.

Fadiah Saptaloka

Indonesia 18 Nov 12:41 PM

Assalamu alaikum.. It was a great website i've ever found.. May it will help everybody out there who wants to know more and feel excited about THE TRUE ISLAM..THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE RELIGION IN THIS WORLD.. May Allah make it easy to us in learning Islam better than before..amin..insha Allah..

Farag Mewafy

United States 16 Nov 11:46 AM

May Allah bless you for your efforts and I suplicate to Allah to help all of us to spread our unique message


14 Nov 08:05 AM

I found this site using And i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you! Sorry for offtopic

Mary O'Riley

United Kingdom 14 Nov 02:07 AM

Great site. best place to learn Islam.


United States 4 Nov 02:18 AM

IM thankful that I found this site it has helped me learn a lot about ISLAM. I first learned about ISLAM while I was working in CHAD. I would watch the men that worked for me on the rig pray and how happy and at peace they were. It was then that I knew I had to learn more. So keep up the good work.


India 2 Nov 04:08 AM

Good job. Keep it up. Add more about current issues, if possible.

Salifu Baba Naporo

Ghana 1 Nov 05:16 PM

Assalamu Alaykum Ya Jama'a walmuslim May Allah Bless All Those who take part to built this wonderful web site.It has reallyhelp me and will continue to help .Thanks and May Allah Bless all of us Ameen


Sri Lanka 1 Nov 05:27 AM

maha allah. this is a fantastic web site. i have got heaps of knowledge from this page. i hope insha allah in future you people will do much more to spread the word of allah almighty. i have already e mailed couple of articles to non muslims. may allah almighty give you more strength to continue this wonderful work.


Indonesia 1 Nov 01:26 AM

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh, I got this site from my Mother she had worked in Saudi Arabia for 4 years,,, after she cameback to Indonesia she gave me the book "Muhammad The Messenger Of Allah". it contained the several site about Islam. Alhamdulillah by it I will get many fRiends Muslim all over the World.

Zambia 31 Oct 11:34 AM

this is great am learninig a lot on this site, now i have made up my mind i want to be a muslim, salamoalaikum PBUH

Vow Evelp

24 Oct 06:17 PM

I hhave been loooking for a long time and found this post. I am find your source via

sumeya mustefa

Ethiopia 24 Oct 12:26 PM

Aselam ALeykum Wow these web page is the best keep on working. it let me know more about islam


Afghanistan 23 Oct 05:33 AM

I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

MR Tan

Unknown 23 Oct 12:11 AM

This is a great site for new muslims. As a chinese in Singapore, no mulims have ever tell me anything about Islam. I am gad I found this site. All the praise to Allah. May more muslims tell non muslim more about their Faith.

Mr Tan

Singapore 23 Oct 12:07 AM

May Allah guide my parents who are lost.

fatimatzahra(formerly Grace)

Kenya 19 Oct 08:16 AM

Asalam Aleikum,its always a pleasure to sign your guest book.Im a daily visitor to your website and this website is my madrassa. May Allah(s.w) continue to bless you as you change the life of people and show them the purpose of man being created and brought into this world. Jazakallah.

Rikpaal Singh

India 14 Oct 12:37 PM

Ohh man This is Great Site i ever visited. the team here on Online chat is really Excellent. They hav all the answers 2 Ur Questions. Believe me.. what i can Really say Chat with Zia n Ur all misconceptions will change n u can lead a great Life here n hereafter.. M now almost ready 2 Revert 2 Islam... Cheersssss :) :) :)

A. kartano

Indonesia 14 Oct 03:29 AM

Assalamualaikum. This is the first time i find this site. You do a good job people. Salamalaikum

Grambouté Nanchata

Côte d'Ivoire 13 Oct 11:48 AM

Assalam alleykoum. is the best website I have visited since now. May ALLAH bless all people who run it.

Rehila Bharos

Netherlands, The 11 Oct 07:18 PM

Assalaam a.l.k. Thank you for telling mankind about real Islam, it is apity that not the whole world wants to hear about Islam, otherwise the whole world will become muslim, because this is a way of life, super I am in love with my Prophet and Allah and it is so wonderfull to know that I can show the whole world your website to inform them about MY RELIGION , thank you for all. May Allah bless you and keep you on the right way Amin Amin Amin. Wassalaam Ghoda Hafiz

louise johnson

United States 11 Oct 05:31 AM

i am a muslims and i am really just learning the thing i really need to known


United Kingdom 8 Oct 03:41 PM

Asalamu Aliykum. A good site to be recommended for both muslims and non muslims. Keep going with the great work. May Allah bless us all. Masalama

Victor Ramirez

United States 7 Oct 06:10 PM

I appreciate everything Kamil has done with converting me to the Islam faith and I will take it with me were ever I go.


Ghana 5 Oct 12:13 PM

Hello,I just to say thank you

Trisha Christianson

United States 29 Sep 01:01 PM

I am a student at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. I am taking a class on the Art of Islam and enjoy discovering this religion through the art it has given the world.


Kenya 29 Sep 06:03 AM

Asalam Aleikum.I became a Muslim a week before Ramadhan after a long chat with Samy. May Allah(S.W) reward you immensely and grant you Jannat. I learn alot through your site. I chat everyday, however busy iam. Keep up the good work.

Atta ur Rehman

Pakistan 24 Sep 08:48 AM

I am very pleased to see this website may Allah helps you and gives you a big reward. Amin


United States 23 Sep 10:13 AM

i just converted to islam and this is a good website


Pakistan 22 Sep 02:17 PM



Egypt 22 Sep 02:41 AM

greet work , i hope you spread Islam word among the world

Hassan Musa

Nigeria 18 Sep 10:41 AM

Assalamu Allaikum Ya Muslimun. Alhamdulillah and May Allah (SWA) Reward who ever create this webside bcos is "Educative to we the Muslem and non-muslem". This webside is one of my friend that recommend it to me i cant say the year but is very long time, Alhamdulillah i lent so much and i also been recommend this webside to my friends, coleque in the office even my boss. Alhadulillah we witness the fasting of RAMADAN 1430 THAT IS 18/9/2009 IN GOOD HEALTH. If we witness it next year 1431 Alhamdulillah if not still Alhamdulillah. Wasalam, Assalamu Allaikum From: Hassan Musa. Kaduna, Nigeria.

faatima zahra

South Africa 18 Sep 06:02 AM

Asaalamu walaikum, jazakaallah for this website i`ve listen to all beautiful words about islam and it is a truly beatiful religion.


Uganda 16 Sep 12:57 PM

Asalam alaeikum, am pleased wiyh how educative this website is, you can even keep sending me more Islamic information on my e-mail and i will be very glad and when we meet on yau-mul-qiyaamah, i believe we will enter JANNAH without hustle, jazakum kaira

shadab anjum

India 15 Sep 05:44 AM

I really Appreciate owner of this site. This site so useful for who want to know about Islam. This is One of the Best site for islamic Knowledge.

mcdonalds coupons

14 Sep 03:02 AM

Thank you very much for that informational entry.

kamagate .k

United States 12 Sep 12:30 PM

Assalamu-allekum ramatulahe wabarakatu. May Allah bless all us for this life dunignan and life after. I can't stop thank you gars. I love the site and I gave to many people to check it up it so great I love it. It really help me to understand my religion. Thanks...........


South Africa 11 Sep 09:27 AM

I am happy to find your web site, but i would like to know more about you.

Muhammad MubeenAtif

Pakistan 9 Sep 11:40 PM

Nice site, you gets information about Islam.

Serman Prayogi

Indonesia 10 Aug 01:11 PM

subhanallah... i love this website. i hope many people will know that islam is the best way to follow...:-)


United Kingdom 8 Aug 04:40 PM

i have converted to Islam and i truly give thanks to this website. i now know my purpose in life to serve the Almighty one, ALLAH. May Allah bless u all in life and the hereafter.

Eze Nija

Unknown 1 Aug 04:00 PM

this is a nice site pls keep it up.


India 28 Jul 10:17 AM

AOA Good site which made me muslim and I want everyone to accept religion but waiting for Allah to resource me to achieve my objective of converting everyone to Islam . Ameen FEE AMAN ALLAH ASHAD


Sri Lanka 28 Jul 04:16 AM

Assalamu Allikum. Thank you for a very informative, interesting and enlightning web site. I am a regular on this site and enjoy every moment here. I have given this web link on my facebook with the sole purpose of giving non believers an opportunity to get to know about the one true God Allah Subhanallah Thala. May the Lord bless you'll for your service to Islam Jazakallahul Kair Rukshana


Afghanistan 27 Jul 12:58 AM

The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

Muhammad Chand

Unknown 25 Jul 08:55 AM



25 Jul 02:15 AM

I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.


24 Jul 08:28 PM

I used this site to get information for that i had in my class. This is an excellent site for this information


United Kingdom 23 Jul 10:49 AM

I become Muslim week on saturday and i didn't have a clue how to become, since i have just read this website now i know. Can't wait to become Muslim....

sofie cooper

22 Jul 06:09 PM

After many years of being a strict catholic ....i lost faith through differant things in my life I decided over a year ago to search for faith in Islam .... but unitl now i was in denial ....i realise that Islam is the only way and i feel i am ready to convert

Syed Ali Khizir Imam

India 21 Jul 07:26 AM

I loved it . It is wonderful . What it is doing is really the need of the hour . It is our prime duty to pass on the message delivered by our beloved Prophet - the rahmatul lilaalameen to whole of non - muslim world . The Religion Of Islam is of course on of the best idea .


19 Jul 11:22 PM

Topic of your article is very interesting, i have bookmarked your blog, regards


19 Jul 08:17 PM

This is a very beautiful website, I have enjoyed my visit here very much. I'm very honoured to sign in your guestbook. Thanking you for the great work that you are doing here.


India 16 Jul 12:09 PM

I really thanks to Allah who suggest me to visit this site.I change my religion and nw I m muslim that I m very happy.

Muhammad Sajid

United Arab Emirates 16 Jul 09:45 AM

Asalam o Alikum to all team of this web site, which includes realy authentic intformation about islam and muslim, we sugest to all who ever see this site, please distribute in your comunity muslim or non-muslim just to read and know about islam. As many peoples don't have good knowledge of islam. This will realy helpfull for all and it will be reward for whom he/she will distribute. Jazzak Allah

Fatima Dali Ali

United States 14 Jul 05:17 PM

Al slam Alikoum. Im here to find my way to what my heart a hispanick female raised in a catholic family.But all my life i knew i was missing something and my heart drove me to find islam and then i felt my life had found a meaning . i was born with a muslim heart in a catholic family..........Allhamdulillah


Ethiopia 14 Jul 05:40 AM

Al-salam alikum I am happy & amazed by stories for muslim who have been guided to this peacful and great religion. God bless them all.

Abdur Rahman

United States 11 Jul 07:44 AM

"I testify that there is NO god except Allah and I testify that muhammad (sws) is His servant and His messenger." Welcome to all new muslims. Now prove by your actions what you just verified by your tongue. May Allah be with you every step of the way. Indeed He is the Best of Guardians.


Unknown 10 Jul 09:06 AM

Praise Allah! This site really helps me strengthen my faith. I always learn something new here. I'm new on the path of Islam, but I love it.

abdalla din muhammad

United States 10 Jul 01:49 AM

asalaam dear publisure this is a great web site i have learn some thing may allah reward you the highest part of paradise fardiuos asalaamallakium


Bosnia and Herzegovina 30 Jun 07:04 AM

Selam aleykum...Thank you for these wonderful and usefull page. May Allah rewordyou... Mashallah :)


Indonesia 30 Jun 05:27 AM

Assalaamu'alaikum...What a great feeling for knowing & share the true stories of our brothers&sisters when Islam was reached their heart.. so amazing and make me so grateful to Allah for the hidayah even I'm a moslem since i was born.. keep ikhlash&istiqomah for all of us..ameen


United States 29 Jun 08:52 PM

I enjoy learning about Islam. This site is a great of information.

Taskin Saleem

United Kingdom 27 Jun 07:24 AM

I have read some of the articles and found them very useful. I will continue to return to the website, as and when need, in to gain knowlege and inderstanding in order to incorporate what I have learnt in my daily routine.


United States 25 Jun 05:47 PM

Keep up the Great work. You have no idea how yours website help me Thank you so much! Jazak Allah kair


22 Jun 04:09 PM

This site has been very helpful to me in understanding islam. I am strongly considering converting and you guys have answered many of my questions with your easy to read material.


Canada 22 Jun 10:25 AM

Salaam Alaykum.......... I truly belive in Islam and all the teachings of Muhammad. Thank you for all the wonderful information and knowledge that has led me to Islam. This is truly a most peaceful way of life. All praise to Allah for His guidance that has shown me the true faith!

raizza cruda

Philippines 7 Jun 10:51 AM

assalamo alaykum!! this site is of great help to me.

Ahmed al-Bashir

United States 5 Jun 06:25 AM

I have visited this site many times. It has been helpful to me. I have returned to Islam after 13 years. Allah Akbar!!


Saudi Arabia 3 Jun 06:29 AM

MashalAllah, This is a great web site. May Allah reward all the team for this work. Best Regards

shazia naureen

Pakistan 3 Jun 03:46 AM

brothers n sisters asslamo alikum wrahmatullah. its reallly a nice experience to have authentic knowledge related to islam. may ALLAH accepts the efforts of all peoples who have worked for this. best wishes and duas for my all islamic ummah. wsslam.

Petra Haisam

Egypt 18 May 12:21 AM

As-Salamu Aleikum Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have been visited this site for more than 2 years now regularly. Every week new articles that's fantastic. I converted to Islam 10 years ago and I try to provide my European non-Muslim fellow countryman with straight information about the true Islam and your site is very helpful in this task. Articles are clear and easy understandable and I must say you are definitely the best source for stories of new Muslims on the Internet. I like also the new 'video section'. May Allah reward you abundantly for your work for His sake and help you to continue in this efforts.


United States 10 May 09:48 PM

Must say, very interesting website with 100% accuracy proven by Glorious Noble Qu'ran. I am not a muslim, but, I think deep down inside every non muslim knows only Islam is truth, just like I do, but just hard to accept the fact from outside. Bravo Islam....Bravo..... Anonymous Reader.


Syria 4 May 07:22 AM

thanx for this website its wonderful its help me to find answers god bless u all

Shamim Ahmed

India 4 May 01:57 AM

Assalamu-alaykum. Thank you team as from your website my concept about islam is crystal clear now.

Ronald B. Harper Jr

United States 20 Apr 04:14 PM

I am a newly converted Muslim. I think this website is very interesting.

Mohammed ziauddin

India 13 Apr 02:44 PM

The best source of Islamic knowledge on Internet. May Allah grant Jannatal Firdous to its developers, content managers, daaiye, writers, translators and the ENTIRE ISLAM RELIGION.COM Team! JazakAllah khair.


United Kingdom 12 Apr 07:17 PM

Mashallah! This is a very good website! May Allah swt reward you!


Trinidad and Tobago 9 Apr 01:56 PM

Mashaallah! This website does justice to islam as it is informative and educational to a believer and a non- believer seeking knowledge. May Allah swt grant mercy and a place in jannatul firdous for the creators of this website and to those who continue to spread goodwill and islamic knowledge inshallah.


Afghanistan 9 Apr 08:37 AM

Recpect. This is the best site a have ever seen. Best regards to administration. Megaricpect


Unknown 8 Apr 05:15 PM

I have learnt alot about islam and may Allah reward you,Inshaallah

yusuf bashir

Nigeria 8 Apr 11:31 AM

may Allah accept this noble cause. Amin


7 Apr 05:59 AM

May Allah Grant you Jannat Ul Firdous for this amazing work and this occassion i would like to request for all muslim unite under one flag and keep our great culture


Turkey 6 Apr 12:49 PM

Your website is good.Selametle...


Unknown 5 Apr 10:28 PM

This is a great website. God bless those that spread the message. Allahu akbar!!


United States 3 Apr 09:11 PM

Assalamu alaykum. MashaAllah what a great website this is, it has been very beneficial for me, I first came to this site as a Christian to look up information about Islam, I learned alot, and till this day, now as a Muslim, I still come to this site often to learn more about my beautiful deen. Also, the books sent by this site was soo helpful. I recommend this site for people who want to learn more about Islam and gain knowledge. May Allah bless those who run this site and the owner, ameeen!


Philippines 29 Mar 08:11 AM

sALAm...!!! may peace blessings of our almighty ALLAH upon to every muslims (sisters & brothers)... this site was so helpful for us... Thanks a lot for the all stuff here may ALLAH reward all of you in this world and the hereafter inshallah..... wassalam.

Abu Ibrahim Azzam

Indonesia 28 Mar 02:53 AM

Amazing website, may Allah reward you. What about translating in Indonesian Language? Wassalaam, Abu Ibrahim Azzam

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