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Adamu isa hassan

Nigeria 17 Jul 04:52 AM

MASHA ALLAH. All thanks and praises are given to Almighty Allah the creator of all that exist. jazakallahu for bringing up a wonderful website in which Allah has directed many to accept through this wonderful is a very nice development to our great religion. may Allah reward u abondantly.


New Zealand 12 Jul 05:35 AM

I am so encouraged to be reading about Islam on this site.


Cameroon 10 Jul 11:44 PM

i testify that there is one and only true GOD (Allah) and Mohammad is his messenger im bless to know Allah thanks rashi for all im now a new person Allah is great thanks to you all the operators for this site

vipin muslim

India 9 Jul 09:39 AM

i loved the voice of the person and the way he handled me and help me in coverting me to muslim , who say muslim are bad i am muslim

abdullah masood

Afghanistan 13 Jun 01:53 AM

ALLAH bless you all muslim brothers from around the world for creating such good Page(site) ..thank you all muslim brothers and sisters...

Eric Christopherson

United States 5 Jun 01:20 AM

salam aleikum caring brothers and sisters, and thank you for such a beautiful, informative, easy-to-use, and always new website. May Allah continue to prosper and inspire you as you further inform the world of His ways, the straight path and the highest good. Everytime i come here it is always a good experience, always something good learned as a new Muslim and always leave encouraged. Without Islam, i would still be very confused in religion and in idolatry of one form or another. Allah has brought me all the way back to where i was at 3 years of age, when i still believed in One undivided God who has no partners. At 3 years of age, i had more wisdom than all the others years, until at age 45 Allah in His mercy and infinite compassion began to open my eyes to Islam, and i came many times to this website to learn more until Shahadah, and then continued to come almost every day. Ahamduillah! Thank you for serving Allah with such wisdom, skill, and beauty that He has provided you with.


Denmark 3 Jun 10:29 AM

Ma Sha Allah very nice site. May Allah help the team in this world and hereafter. Good wishes...

Ernest Hamlette

United States 31 May 11:19 AM

Ernest, I am proud to be Islam and to be praying to one and only God.


Philippines 30 May 03:28 AM

Jazak'Allah Khair! May Allah reward you for all the efforts...As a new Muslim I learned a lot. May Allah continue to guide you and keep the sources of Islam clean and unaltered. My main concern is some people may have the wrong information about Islam..Allah guides whomever Allah wished to be guided. May all our efforts to seek his knowledge be rewarded. In'shaAllah

Aamilah Fadiyah

United States 29 May 05:53 PM

Wonderful site, so helpful and informative. I am a new Muslim and I have found great guidance here. Ahamduillah!

Ghazali Daud

Philippines 27 May 08:48 AM

AssalaamuAlaykum, Im proud to be a Muslim..I've read some of the comment from people who revert to Islam and all I want to say is I'm happy for you guys:) Welcome to Islam :)

Nabeel Al Wazzan

Kuwait 13 May 04:18 PM

Thanks to God, and Blessings be upon his prophet Mohammad and all his prophets ... I was very happy to see this site, that I immediately shared with my friends across the Globe. Those friends who I care for, and I think if I could offer them such a rich spiritual material may divert into Islam, and gain their Earthly and Eternity lives in peace and heavens. I want to thank those who collected this material, and those who wrote it, and special thanks to those who made it available for the Public. May this be in your balance on Judgement day.


India 12 May 12:41 AM

this website is very excellent. I like it very much as it is the life


Canada 8 May 05:07 PM

I have learnt a lot about Islam from your great website. I am thinking of reverting and this site has given me the help to make that decision.

Lillian Fatimah

United States 8 May 03:30 PM

Alhamdu Lillah! Peace to all my brothers and sisters around the world. If you have not embraced Islam yet this site is a wonderful place to look for guidance. Peace and blessings be upon all of you. Islam has brought peace to me!

Eric Christopherson

United States 8 May 03:28 PM

assalamu-alaikum, thank you for this excellent website that is beautiful, easy to use, easy to understand, always interesting, and very helpful for me to progress in Islam, insha'llah. Came here many times before shahadah and continue to visit almost daily. Thank you also for the live chat with caring brothers, many important questions have be answered, very helpful in every way.

Richard Bradford

United States 2 May 11:56 PM

This will definitely help me to increase my knowledge. Any help you can give me will be greaty appreciated.

antoinette puccio

United States 30 Apr 11:09 PM

Very good reading lot of good info


France 15 Apr 05:39 PM

SalamAlaykum, Excellent site


Pakistan 5 Apr 04:54 AM

Assalam-o-Alaikum! I find this a good the complete one for a good guidness!!! Allah may keep this up!! Aameen


United States 27 Mar 08:52 AM

I love this site! It is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. May the blessings of Allah continue to be upon you and all who journey here.

Salim Osuman

Ghana 24 Mar 05:54 AM

I am really excited by this web may Allah richly bless all those who made this come to existence and may Allah grant us all understanding, this web is very very good and I have really learnt alot. Assallamu-alaikum warahmatu-allah wabarkaatuhu


Mauritius 22 Mar 06:40 AM

an amazing website...really informative...SubhanAllah! May Allah guide people still in darkness to the truth..Ameen


India 21 Mar 12:59 AM

alhamthulillah... thanks for giving this to know about islam

Muhd Moey

Malaysia 9 Mar 09:47 AM

TQ very much for building this site to help me understand my new found love for God. Please keep up your good work! Subha'n Allah!


United States 7 Mar 03:57 PM

A friend I will never forget, Tariq, just led me to Allah. Praise be to God, my heart feels new. I am ready to start a new life, pleasing to God. I finally feel like I can be an asset to my family, and a beacon for my peers. Praise be to Allah!

the repenter

China 2 Mar 04:04 PM

i found this website when i was looking for one of my dreams which can never be true..............but i guess it unites me to my dreams as well.i pray to Allah that my dream to be saved from helfire..amin

Craig Anderson

United States 23 Feb 12:24 PM

“I testify that there is no true god (deity) but God (Allah), and that Muhammad is a Messenger (Prophet) of God.” Allah Ma3ak.... Thank you very much .. This site is very very helpful.... Ameen

Sadiq Hussain

India 23 Feb 10:39 AM

Assalaam Alaykkum, ...May Allah bless all the operators. I'm now a revert and I'm very happy here. Thanks


21 Feb 09:17 PM

after reading for some time i came across this site and im so happy to say that i converted to islam tonight and praise be to Allah for coming into my life. and i will keep reading this wonderful site as i have much to learn. thank you.


Bangladesh 5 Feb 12:40 AM

I am Very happy to find this website, so I have learn much about Islam. thanks


United States 4 Feb 01:43 PM

Thank you for all of the information! I have really enjoyed this site and learning from it. I also just recently converted into Islam! :D Again, thank you so much, and may Allah bless you. :)


United States 3 Feb 11:44 PM

As Salaam Alaikum I have converted over to Muslim and this site has been very helpful to me


United States 3 Feb 02:51 PM

“I testify that there is no true god (deity) but God (Allah), and that Muhammad is a Messenger (Prophet) of God.” Allah Ma3ak.... Thank you very much .. This site is very very helpful.... Ameen

Mohammad Ershad

Afghanistan 2 Feb 01:03 AM

i love Islam because Islam bring peace in community


Nigeria 22 Jan 03:57 PM

We thank Allah the most merciful, to guide and support this website

Kathleen Koch

United States 15 Jan 11:29 AM

I converted to muslim yesterday and today I feel like a bran new person thank you...


Unknown 14 Jan 02:47 PM

This site is really good... gave me a clear path why should i accept islam as my religion... and took all my misunderstandings about islam... Thanks for helping me to convert... May allah protect everyone...


Unknown 12 Jan 02:35 PM

masha allah. may allah accept yr effort and guide mankind to islam the true religion


United States 8 Jan 07:42 PM

Thank you so much! Shokran Jazeelan! La ilah illa Allah, Muhammad rasoolu Allah.


United States 7 Jan 11:59 AM

This site has been great!

ilham akbar

Indonesia 7 Jan 05:06 AM

assalamualaikum.wr.wb this is a great site for me, so i can learn much about islam in many country .

Ashirul Mondal

India 2 Jan 03:21 PM

Alhamdulillah.I know many things from this site.

Conor (soon to be Fadil)

Ireland 1 Jan 08:21 PM

i have found this site very helpful as i will soon be converting to islam.

rezi yunizar

Indonesia 20 Dec 04:15 AM

I am happy to find this website, so I have learn much about islam. thank's

Muhammad Gul

Afghanistan 10 Dec 10:17 AM

Assaluma Aliakum This is great site of Islam Religion and also helpful and informative. Everyone muslim and non muslim can get good information... I like this site from everyone. Thanks from those respectable persons working in this site. Afghanistan Kandahar Zhari


Somalia 6 Dec 08:21 AM

Thanks for your information! Honestly I have never come across anything that informative.

Rahimah Suarez

Philippines 5 Dec 07:25 PM

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh! MashaAllah..Allahu akbar! Your information are so good.. May Allah bless this site..Ameen


United Kingdom 4 Dec 09:33 PM

The website has brought me back to Islam, thanks for providing this information to educate people.

Master Hameed

Malaysia 4 Dec 08:19 PM

This Site has taught me so much about islam. Thank You Verry Much for everything.!

Marcelina Pyfer

Afghanistan 24 Nov 07:53 PM

Thanks for your information! Honestly I have never come across anything that informative.


South Africa 24 Nov 06:17 AM

I find this network Awesome it help's me understnd the diffirent fuctions en buids my relationship with my islamic bf


Unknown 23 Nov 02:19 AM

i am very happy and proud to be muslim. i converted because i believed that Allah is my Savior. .

Shaq Quraishi

Canada 22 Nov 11:25 PM

Great website.I hope people study Islam with an open mind and then decide.If you are sincere and looking for the TRUTH. The constant Anti-Islam media bashing in the Western Countries is actually helping people come to Islam because they are studying the Religion and finding Islam is the ONLY truth and The Quran is 100% words of God.


Pakistan 16 Nov 01:52 PM

Assalamu Alaikkum your site is very useful and informative. may the almighty Allah reward and bless you . Ameen.


United Kingdom 3 Nov 10:25 PM

Assalamu Alaykum. As a born Christian who's converting to Islam when she leaves home, I'm very grateful for this site for helping me to learn more about this beautiful religion. I'm sure that other people like me will also find the information here very useful.


United Kingdom 1 Nov 09:50 AM

thank you 4 helping me achieve my destiny as a muslim and inshallah with God's help i will learn 2 be a good muslim


United States 27 Oct 07:01 PM

This site is the by far the best! Thankyou thankyou so much.


United Kingdom 17 Oct 02:36 PM

It was really handy for me when I had to find out about the five pillars of islam. totally recommended by me.


India 17 Oct 11:06 AM

Assalamu Alaikkum(varah) your site very useful and informative. I hope it will Insha Allah throw much light on Islam to the peple of brother faiths. May Allah bestow His blessing upon one and all of you. Seyan Hameed, Kadayanallur, India


United States 9 Oct 09:16 PM

very nice and great site, jazakm Allah khair


United States 4 Oct 08:42 PM

Thank you for this website!! It gave me so much accurate and good information on Islam that I have been seeking.


Norway 30 Sep 08:14 PM

Thank you!!!!! This have really helped me alot!!! La ilah illa Allah, Muhammad rasoolu Allah.


Indonesia 26 Sep 10:03 PM

Assalamualaikum everyone..I'm delighted that i found this website, this is helpful and loads information about Islam in it. Hopefully through this website many many people will find peaceful in Islam to guide some one to be happy and safe in this world and hereafter. Regards from Jakarta

Fermidah Bradshaw

Zimbabwe 26 Sep 02:46 AM

Thank you for your assitance, May Allah Grants us Bless us all. Ameen

Rina Mulya

Indonesia 23 Sep 03:56 AM

I am happy that I found this site, I learn more about my religion. I was born as a Moslem and learning about Islam from childhood. But, from this site, I can learn more than general issue from Moslem society. Thank you.


United States 18 Sep 09:11 PM

Thank you for this site. It's extremely informative. I've always known that Jesus was a phrophet and a teacher and not God. Paul was the one who turned the religion of Jesus into a religion about Jesus. That corruption has done a great disservice to mankind for the last 2000 years. Thank you again.


Kenya 12 Sep 08:12 AM

Assalaam Aleikum Brothers and sisters. i reverted to Islam 11 years ago. Alhamdulillah every time i visit this website i feel like i reverted yesterday because i always learn something new. I am confident that Allah has set me on the straight path I nsha Allah. The Journey of the hereafter is so well explained i do not feel scared of death any more. May you sisters and brothers who administer this website be abundantly rewarded by the Almighty Allah. JazakAllahu Kheir.

Mohammed Bello Baba

Nigeria 10 Sep 05:11 AM

Assalamu Alaikum d editors n d crews of dis web i pray dat Allah(swt) may protect u guide u n 2 help continue ur good deeds may Allah reward u abundantly Alhamdu lillah.

Saleem Khan

India 9 Sep 11:53 AM

Alhamdulilah! Alhamdulilah for I am an ex-hindu and I converted. was very helpful. I was in Dubai and and the people who I knew were only muslims. Listening from each one about Islam I was tempted and I visited and I converted. Know I am working in Dubai as a muslim. Before I was the only person who will be all-alone during the daily 5 time prayer. Know even I join my friends for it. I used to be left out in eating Non-veg. Know I eat beef, sheep, slaughter by halal, fast, pray 5 times a day, grew a beard, going to go for Hajj etc etc about Islam. I really liked the Religion of Islam. Inshallah!


Tanzania 8 Sep 06:14 AM

Asalam alykum, I want the world to know that am happy to be a Muslim after been converted from Christianity, and ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST FOR ME AND FOR U TOO.

jerna esmael

Philippines 5 Sep 03:49 AM

as-salamu alaykum, alhamdulillah for this site..I"v learned more about my religion ( islam ).

Yasini M.Rajabu

Uganda 3 Sep 02:00 PM

Asalam Alaikum, i thank u for this site very fantastic and usefull, with great information i strongly believe that who ever would put it to use shall benefit alot from it insha'Allah, my humble request is that atleast the time for chating be increased up to atleast past midnite for all to benefit.insha'allah may the almighty Allah reward and bless you fully, Ameen.

Jamal Jordan

United States 20 Aug 09:07 PM

As-salamu alyakum, Alhamdulillah for this site! I have converted to Islam recently from christianity. Read my story, its published here. Alhamdulillah for all of the other convertd also! Salam from America!

abdul-muhaimin Islam(argie Gallamos)

Philippines 4 Aug 11:52 PM

assalamo alaikum, Im so Very thankful that, at last i found the right way to Allah, the only true God. I converted last march 12 2011 thru this site. thanks for this site...

wardah iqbal

Pakistan 4 Aug 01:07 PM

Assalaam -u -Alaikum, I'm Alhamdullillah a Muslim girl and seeks to learn and understands more about Islam. Thank you for providing an informative site. May Allah bless you.


Poland 28 Jul 04:43 PM

Alsalamu Alaikoum :D I Convert to Islam and Become a Muslim and I want to thank you for your help and support :) about page it's really fantastic, transparent and understandable also adviser with whom I talked alot was really patient and helpful...and what is very important he knew the answer to my every question :) Blessing for all e

James Moore

United States 28 Jul 01:34 PM

May Allah accept your prayers and give you peace in your heart and mind as well as he world. Peace be upon your family. Thank you for the information that you put out for the world to see and to learn. Salaam.


United States 26 Jul 06:30 AM

i love this site it has opened my eyes to Islam. i was born baptist but i feel this is the true religion of God. Christianity there is lot missing.


United States 22 Jul 12:30 PM

Assalamu alykoum brothers and sisters. I recently converted to Islam and this site helped me with some information. Thanks so much to whoever is apart of this site

Sakina Assidiq.

United States 17 Jul 11:17 PM

ASSALAMU ALAIKUM wa Ramatullilah sisters and brothers. May Allah accept your prayers and grant you peace in this world and in the hereafter. Salaam.


Niger 17 Jul 02:43 PM

as salam alaikoum, I'm glad to be member of this great projet-website and may make helpful and a way of guidance for those who look for guidance and peace of mind. May Allah bless u and all those making effort worldwide to promote the true image and knowledge about islam and the teaching of Muhammad (saw). Salam.

ayub Abrahams

South Africa 10 Jul 11:01 AM

Aslamalikum wa rahmatullah shukran for your website i will use of it alot.


Saudi Arabia 8 Jul 01:22 AM

Salamalikum , am happy to c how many ppl r here and tht God enlighten their hearts with islam, am alhamdulellah born Muslim, and please to help and answer anythng related to islam if i have knowledge inshallah, ... God may grant all of us happiness. And bless ths site's editors publishers who give us all chance to understand islam and meet here.

ibrahim zama

India 6 Jul 02:47 PM

i am a new muslim and i am proud to be muslim. i am very happy to convert to islam... me and my family (wife & 2 child) thanks to Allah for hidayat.

Mohammed shoeb khan

India 5 Jul 08:34 AM

ALLAH bless all of you


Philippines 28 Jun 01:35 AM

This is my first to read this site. Someone introduce me to read about Islam as i am a Catholic since birth. And i am reading this site as i want to get more information and more knowledge about ISLAM religion. Thank you so much. Bless Us All


Denmark 27 Jun 06:06 AM

Asalama aleikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh Im very pleased to see such a wonderful website, may Allah bless you, guide you, and make things easy for you insha'allah :) Jazakallah khair


United States 22 Jun 07:25 PM



Palestinian Authority 19 Jun 06:56 PM

Jazakum Allah Kheir for all the info. May Allah reward you and bless all us Muslims. Ameen.....

Abdul Qadous

India 17 Jun 08:00 PM

Aslamalikum wa rahmatullah, glad to visit the wonderful and precious website. May Allah reward U and Us in the Hereafter...


Egypt 17 Jun 01:00 PM

Al Salamo Alykom I don't know how to thank you for this useful site especially for Non-Muslims . Hope all The Muslims do great things for da'wah as you do .


Denmark 13 Jun 02:38 AM

As-selam Aleykum. 0m a danish convert, convertet in 1999 in turkey and i live in turkey right now, married to a turk woman. Very glad to find this web site because getting knowledge is so important and hard when you are new in the religion Islam. Thank you and may Allah bless you

mohamed Asrara

Sri Lanka 29 May 10:28 AM

Asalamu alaykum glad to visit this great website and very happy to a member of this, with pleasure all the members God bless you and may Allah reward you. Cheers wassalam

khadija uddin

United Kingdom 24 May 11:18 AM

Mashallah This site is amazing and always on hand to help out with any questions or concerns. Jazakallah khair for helping me revert to islam alhumduillah


Saudi Arabia 21 May 02:20 PM

Great work, may ALLAH rewards you all.

Liza Ali

Malaysia 13 May 09:58 AM

Alhamdulillah, every time I have a chance to go to this site, I always in tears reading all the articles and it is not because I'm sad but joy to see more brother and sister in islam. Thank you once again and may ALLAH reward all the team for not give up easily and to encourage more new muslim to be united to help each other inshaallah by giving support and encouragement.


India 9 May 02:13 AM

its a nice website ...with great help to know about the religion ISLAM. All the best!


Unknown 6 May 06:30 PM

this site is wonderful, may Allah reward you for the work you have done

Zafirah Coleman

United States 3 May 08:56 PM

As-salaamu Alaikum, thanks so much for having a guests to sign in. Please do make dua for me and for weak and the strong Muslims. I like your Article categories. Al-hamdulillah. May Allah (swt) reward you for your effort. Amin As-salaamu Alaikum May Allah (swt) reward you for your effort. Amin.

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