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Amina Alkhatib

United States 3 Jan 02:55 PM

I love being a Muslim, this website is the greatest I have ever come across. This website helped me understand Islam a lot better. After reading the articles in this website I converted with the help of my husband. . Allahu Akbar . Allah is the one and only . . .

jadie scotford

United Kingdom 1 Jan 08:24 PM

I am very proud to become a Muslim and also wear Muslim clothes I converted to Islam 6 months ago I pray 5 times a day to our God Allah and I know that our prophet is Mohammad

Gustavo Amaya

United States 21 Dec 06:59 PM

I am very blessed to be converted to Islam ( peace) in April-2013 I can testify to anyone that there is only One GOD and his name is ALLAH and that Mohammad is His Prophet.


Philippines 10 Dec 02:15 AM

I love reading stories of new Muslims. It made me aspire to be a good Muslim. hope you will update the page because there are lots of new converts which has a great story to tell.... thnx a lot & more power....

ch amjad

Pakistan 7 Dec 08:20 PM

I love this web site and I got a lot of things for my corection

Anni Rosida

Indonesia 5 Dec 12:09 PM

I always enjoy reading conversion to Islam stories. Reading the struggle and the journey of new muslims to Islam helps me strengthening my faith. Thank you very much for this great site. Jazakumullah wa barakallahu lakum

Zainab Rogerson

United Kingdom 21 Nov 07:58 PM

As a convert to Islam eight years ago I like to keep up to date and search the internet for information. I have been reading about Islam for over twelve years and enjoy writing about the religion. I am particularly interested in the area of animal rights/welfare in Islam and follow this subject closely. I am very pleased to see that you have a good page of information on the subject. Salaam to all

Marijanii Matos

United States 21 Nov 11:47 AM

Learning about Allah

younus shinde

India 10 Nov 12:46 PM

masha Allah site Allah take the more work from them


Hong Kong SAR 8 Nov 03:17 AM

JAZAKALLAH for ur nice article. its very helpful, coz i can share it with my friends...

Chandan Sharma

India 5 Nov 01:51 AM

Alhamdulillaah, being born in a orthodox Hindu family, I was unaware of any of the other religions in details. But by the grace of Allah, I met my dear friend Moinur Rahman, who introduced Islam to me and also explained all my queries regarding Allah, and tawheed. Finally, Alhamdulillaah, I studied Islam, and accepted it in 2008. May Allah guide my family members also. My message to all non-muslims is that they should study Islaam from the bottom of their hearts and realise that there is no god but Allah.

ogundeji alima

Nigeria 1 Nov 09:08 AM

l love this website

Jackson Tsebe

South Africa 20 Oct 06:44 AM

I think I am finally home and have found my place for eternal life, It is absolutely true and I agree now understand why most of knowledgeable people embrace Islam. I am new and I hope i will find through your website, people who will guide me along this route of reality . Regards Jackson

Stephanie Smith

American Samoa 15 Oct 06:38 AM

Noticed your website ... today and really loved it.. i saved it and will be back to check it out some more later .. As a Noob, I am frequently seeking online for articles or blog posts that can help me. Thank you! With regards, Terina.


India 13 Oct 11:02 AM

Assalamowalaikum, I am highly thankful to this site for helping us to know islam in details. I have download some article .

Shaik Ansar Basha

India 12 Oct 01:17 PM

I think Islam is the only religion in which god i.e., Allah's name begin with first alphabet of Hindi,English Arabic and most of the world's languages.This itself sufficient to understand Islam is the true religion.

Md Ainul Haque

India 10 Oct 09:15 PM

Assalamualaikum. I am really very much thankful to your website for giving me and my child a chance to learn why d most knowledgable personalities embrace Islam.It will be more interesting if you include conversion stories of scientists of recent times.

Denise Mcdonagh

Ireland 8 Oct 06:56 PM

At last, I've seem to have stumbled upon the truth - now I have something to make my life worth living for - how happy and positive do I feel now x

Hasan Basheer

Malaysia 19 Sep 07:57 AM

Alhamdulillah, thanks for all the information, i have learned so much from this site and to clear all my doubt. Please continue your good deeds, In shaa Allah, you'll get your pay hereafter. Shukran Jazilan. Jazakallahu Khairan. Assalamualaikum.


Malaysia 1 Sep 04:58 AM

A very helpful and informative site for those of us considering a change.


United Kingdom 27 Aug 02:52 PM

A very helpful and informative site for those of us considering a change, thank you for the clarity and honesty. So much to take in but I feel it is something I have to do.

Joanne Dove

United Kingdom 21 Aug 04:02 PM

Fantastic, I will be with you all very soon


United States 20 Aug 05:08 PM

Very Good web site, informative and easy to understand. As a new convert, I find it very comforting,Thank You . Peace to all my new Brothers and Sisters. May Allah Bless you all.

Ahmed Catuzi

United States 10 Aug 06:41 AM

I drifted away from Islam 15 yeas ago. This web site is showing me the way back. Alhamulillah. May Allah bless you all.


United Kingdom 7 Aug 12:40 PM

V gd website. Intro books so helpful. So many topics covered and very good explanation. Bright and easy to understand. Thanks so much. May Allah bless u all.

Louis Coleman

United States 4 Aug 02:03 PM

Thank you

Roberto Gonzales

United Kingdom 25 Jul 12:49 PM

Excellent website. Thank you so much. May Allah bless you and reward you for the good work.

Dean Dinger

United States 20 Jul 07:39 PM

Alsalam Alikum Thank you for this great site


United States 17 Jul 06:34 AM

As a new convert i am learning more each day, befor finding this site i knew nothing about Islam. I find it very comforting and peaceful. I wish more people from my country could find peace through Allah. It would be a better place for all. Allahu Akbar.


Philippines 15 Jul 05:31 PM

This site is an excellent e-tool to strengthen our faith in Islam. And to those who would like to know and explore more this religion, this would give brief and concise answers to your queries. There are also videos available. May Allah bless us all, forgive our sins and accept us in His paradise. Happy Ramadhan to all muslims of this world.

Elisabeth Read-vant Veen

Netherlands, The 9 Jul 04:28 PM

It is great to read this. Most of what we hear about Islam is negative. A Jewish friend of mine who has a degree in Theology also told me about some of the beautiful aspects of Islam. She was correct. I wish that this aspect of your faith was reflected more. In friendship.

Kookie b

Unknown 9 Jul 03:04 PM

Pretty cool site my religion is up n the air but I'm learning ....

Mohammad Raafe Mujeeb

India 7 Jul 08:21 AM

Amazing work guys, May Allah azza wa jal grant you guys more and more success in this world and the next. Barakallu Feek

Noria Namaz

United States 21 Jun 09:09 PM

All Praises is due to Allah, I bear witness there is no deity worthy of praise except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His last messenger. May Allah continue to bless this site for its good works


Philippines 19 Jun 01:38 PM

Alhamdulillah that I visited your website. I enjoyed downloading informative files for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).


Philippines 19 Jun 07:19 AM

This site is good for me. It helps me increase my knowledge what is Islam. My country has many filipino muslims but I'm ignorant about their religion & language. Our capital city in Negros Oriental, I saw only one mosque. It's the Azan sound that caught my interest to find this mosque. "Assalamu alaikum."

Sister John Tydings Nix, III

United States 16 Jun 12:34 PM

I testify that there is one God and his name is Allah and I am now a married woman to Brother Abdulla Ishmael Mohammad. I testify that Islam is truth!!!...

Ashar Azeem

Pakistan 11 Jun 03:06 PM

This is a marvelous piece of work, Masha Allah. May Allah reward you the best in this world and hereafter. Add some more languages, Philippians


Malaysia 9 Jun 03:15 PM

May Allah Bless us fid dunya wal akhirah.... :) Islam is the only way of life...


Maldives 8 Jun 12:49 PM

i like the site v.much

Md. Mamun

Bangladesh 7 Jun 07:05 PM

It is really a great job to spread the words of Islam throughout the world.


28 May 05:03 PM

Salaam aleikum brothers and sisters keep up the good work may Allah give you jannat firdous

Adl. Ghafor Jardin Artajo

Philippines 17 May 05:04 PM

The Religion of Islam website is my source of Islamic knowledge, Alhamdulillah Rabil Alamin.

Pearl Connell

United States 12 May 11:37 PM

I'm only now beginning after many friends from Pakistan encouraged me to seek this truth, after they asked my religion, and I replied GOD.

Connor Ross

United States 12 May 06:52 PM

Jazak'Allah for helping me learn a better understanding of Islam with this website. I am very happy I became a Muslim knowing that I will adhere to Allah, Prophet Muhammad, and all the other true messengers of God. Peace be upon them all and peace upon you.

Javed Ahmad Nahvi

India 11 May 10:09 AM

It is by chance that I came across this beautiful site. Being a Muslim by birth it gives me immense pleasure to go through the life of newly reverted Muslims. This site is doing a commendable job...


Australia 3 May 01:39 PM

Asallamalaikum my brothers and sisters in islam I am 9 years old turning 10 in a few days I am proud to be born as a Muslim and i knowa l about the deen. and ever since i started going on this website i hve learnt a lot. I am sooooooo proud of this website and i hope you spread the news about it so non Muslims can learn about Islam is well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yousef Adel Al-Hadhrami

Yemen 27 Apr 09:55 AM

Alsalam Alikum Thank you for this great site, it shows the true picture of Islam, not the picture that the western media used to make it look bad, this site helped me know that those terrorist that does terrorism around the world are 360 degrees the opposite of Islam and goes against Holy Quran & Prophet Mohammed sunnah. Allah Bless the whole team of this site & its supporters


Nigeria 27 Apr 03:56 AM

I thank Allah 4 this site


Malaysia 24 Apr 04:38 AM

Came across this website today. Very informative. I am a born Muslim but searching for deeper understanding abt Islam. Having been to Makkah recently to perform umrah had really had an impact on me.

Usman Bello

Nigeria 9 Apr 03:40 PM

Assalamualaikum, my brothers and sisters in Islam from around the world. I am a born muslim but since I found this site I have learnt alot and still learning particularly from comparative religion section for Da'awah purpose. May Allah bless the founders of this great site abundantly. Ameen


Algeria 9 Apr 02:05 PM

Assalamo Alaikom Wa Rahmato Allahi Wa Barakatoho I am a muslim from birth and i feel happy every time a new one converts to islam, and becomes our brother or sister, and a member of our ummah. Baraka Allaho fikom .God Bless You All.


United Arab Emirates 9 Apr 11:58 AM

MashaAllah amazing website! Jazakum Alllah khair :)


Malaysia 23 Mar 11:20 AM

assalamualaikum. Thanks for this site. Its help me a lot.Thank you so much. Alhamdulillah I'm a Muslim. Since born. Alhamdulillah and a million thanks to Allah.

Ramadhan Ahungu

Tanzania 20 Mar 06:34 AM

Assalam allaikhum? I thank you the Religion of Islam administrator and you team for doing this great daawa or tablikh. I have used the site to make many people understand our religion...


India 16 Mar 11:43 PM

I feel that this website is very much useful to me.

vicky dean

United States 12 Mar 06:02 PM

I enjoyed reading this. A friend of mine sent me this sight. Thank you for making it available

James Powell

Canada 9 Mar 02:52 PM

Thank you for your site to help me discover what I really already knew, and thank you to Samy for helping me to testify my faith. Assalamualaikum brothers & sisters in Islam.

Sabir Rahman Jones

United Kingdom 7 Mar 06:52 AM

I am delighted with this website, JazakAllah. I am a revert, and I find this site beautiful to the eye, and very helpful and informative. I am hoping to promote Dawah in Bedford, and would refer anyone to this site, Insha-Allah


Nigeria 25 Feb 04:16 PM

am happy to discover this website. Alhamdulillah!

editha cruda

Philippines 23 Feb 08:47 AM

assalam u alaycum! i have always been fascinated w/ this site & have always come here to do research & read..find it very interesting & informative but wish you add more new personalities on Stories of new muslims as this category is one of my favorites i have already read all of it & hope u could publish new stories,,thnx a lot & Allah bless you all who are behind this...


India 15 Feb 10:53 PM

An eye opening site, will keep visiting and learn more about Islam


United States 8 Feb 02:33 PM

This site is very helpful site. The live chat is great. Zia had given me a site to read that might answer my question. Thank you and may Allah help us all.


Libya 4 Feb 11:43 AM

mashaallah I am sooo happy that there was a site like this that encouraged me to be a better Muslim I thank the person who created this website and the peple who participate in helping people on this website. may Allah reward you and grant you the highest ranks of paradise

wamiq abbas

India 2 Feb 05:54 AM

I am feeling soooo proud and really really luckkkky to be a Muslim ! Allaah helped me increase my Imaan through this web... . Jazaak Allaahu Khair to all those related to this web.. . Love u all Masha Allah this is a very nice page, May Allah reward all of you, This is very essential for both Muslims & non-Muslims. All praises are due to Allah. I am very happy to find this web site. This site includes all aspects of human life based on Islam. It is a very important link for acquiring knowledge. I am very happy finding this website. InshaAllah I will back again to increase knowledge about Islam ... Thank you

mohammed ally

29 Jan 01:52 PM

assalam alacome this web site is very good. I feel so proud to be Muslim. jazaak Allah

shaikh ikram

India 23 Jan 02:34 AM

I am feeling soooo proud and really really luckkkky to be a Muslim ! Allaah helped me increase my Imaan through this web... . Jazaak Allaahu Khair to all those related to this web.. . Love u all


India 14 Jan 10:48 PM



Spain 5 Jan 08:36 PM

Thanks so much for the informtation. Great site with good examples.

Robert Najid Qadi Murphy

United States 4 Jan 12:01 PM

Alhamdulillah, I am pleased to be here with my brothers and sisters of Islam around the world. Bismillah, Najid Qadi Murphy

Nadia Ahmed

Ethiopia 2 Jan 03:16 AM

Masha Allah this is a very nice page , May Allah reward all of you, This is very essential for both muslims & non muslims.

Komarudin Tasdik

Indonesia 18 Dec 06:02 PM

I am very happy finding this website. InshaAllah I will back again to increase knowledge about Islam ... Thank you


United States 17 Dec 03:18 PM

Very informative and educational for all, not just muslim , but non-muslim as well. May Allah bless each of you for such good work and love of humanity. Ameen


Uganda 15 Dec 12:36 AM

Allah Akbar, Its Amazing that Islam is not a Religion of Terrorist as I Thought but the Truth is that its a Religion of Peace

Hassen Ibrahim

Ethiopia 10 Dec 08:45 AM

Allahu akbar it is very amazing.

Imtiaz Ahmed

Pakistan 4 Dec 10:31 AM

SUBHANALLAH this site excellence for providing the Islamic Knowledge, I hope that more and more Mulims will improve their knowledge by using this site..

Khurram Jahan

India 30 Nov 10:27 PM

Amazingly useful site.. Masha'Allah..

Yusuf Bin Abdussalam

Nigeria 29 Nov 06:18 AM

Alhamdulillah with this benefiting site


India 22 Nov 04:28 AM

SubhanAllah.. surely the most informative site for believers and encouraging site for non-believers...

ibraim mohamuod mahat

Kenya 16 Nov 03:56 PM

mashaALLAH This very fantastic Islamic educative site which tell us the beauty of our religion, the Holy Quran and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) I pray that you ll and have touched many souls... jazakumullahu kheyra


India 23 Oct 04:48 AM

Thank you for guiding me and showing me the right path... I feel so blessed!! .. I testify “La ilah illa Allah, Muhammad rasoolu Allah.”


Ghana 21 Oct 05:24 AM

A facebook friend told me of this website and i visted it. am very greatful cos i know it well help me a lot and all muslim. asalamualiakum


Mauritius 20 Oct 02:38 PM

Thanks to this site i'm today a my country i didnt know where to go to find the truth, my truth and here i've got more than a truth..all praises for Allah

Khairun Quiamco

Malaysia 19 Oct 06:43 AM

Assalamualaikum brothers & sisters in Islam. I embraced Islam about 32 yrs ago myself. I really appreciate all info in this web and hope more will discover the beauty of Islam..

Aaminatu Bintu Sulaymaan

Nigeria 17 Oct 01:05 AM

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, this is a very nice educative and inspiring site. Jazakumullahu khairan bi jannatil firdaus!

Anwarul Haque

Bangladesh 16 Oct 01:49 AM

All praises are due to Allah. I am very happy to find this web site. This site includes all aspects of human life based on Islam. It is a very important link for acquiring knowledge.

Oloya Johnson Nyeko

Uganda 14 Oct 02:19 AM

I pray that God gives the spirit of understanding Islam, My friends are Muslim and they referred me here for further materials and understanding. I love Islam and Hope to become one. God bless you

Paul Sidlo

United States 6 Oct 08:35 AM

I love Islam because Islam bring peace in community.

Eric Christopherson

United States 26 Sep 07:25 AM

assalamu-aleikum kind brothers & sisters, Allah used this website and the live chat to help me come to Islam and has used it many times to encourage me. Most of my family considers Islam a terrible path to follow, due to much misinformation and lack of information, but this is gradually changing in my area as people see the real-life difference in local Muslim brothers and sisters versus the obvious bias against Islam in much of the news media. I am grateful many of my questions were answered here, and continue to be. As a small child I knew there was One God and good people are rewarded for the good they do, and willfully bad people are punished for the unsorry bad things they do, but step-by-step this simplicity was removed from heart and mind and replaced... The information war concerning Islam is great, but the love of Allah for humanity is infinitely more greater and things will become very clear for those who want to know the truth and are willing to do Allah's will... And personally, your assistance has come at just the right moments. Eric


Spain 11 Sep 09:56 AM

Assalamun-alaikum! brothers and sisters in Islam, I am giving thanks to GOD Almighty that I am a Muslim and I am proud of it. lets comes together as one.


United States 10 Sep 09:48 PM

Just looking to see what Islam is and what type of faith they had. i have an open mind even though i'm an atheist, this website really helped me under this Religion. sort of.....


United States 5 Sep 07:06 PM

I came here because I was looking for more information on Islam. At this time, I can't say if Islam is right for me, but I know I need to change myself and become better. But I'm hoping to find out as much as I can.


Unknown 25 Aug 08:49 PM

Thank you for doing a good deed by guide non muslim to understand Islam better. I think most people will agree and find Islam is simple to understand because this is the ideal world we all like to live in.

Mikail Hamza

Nigeria 14 Aug 10:58 AM

I had a live chat with one of the representative of this spiritual website, he told me the site is for non muslims willing to understand what Islam is all about and eventually convert. But I am absolutelly glad to say information on this site is for all muslims both learned and those with little knowledge of Islam. I also use this medium to appreciate the additional website given to me to broaden my knowledge. May Almaghty Allah reward all the soul behind this Godly work. Jazakukullahu khaeran jaza

Chaudhary Shahnwaz

India 4 Aug 10:17 AM

Asslam Alaikum, this is very useful to give answers to non-Muslims with a logic and make them satisfied about their queries . thankyou so much for entire team.

Alija Lavihusna. A

Indonesia 2 Aug 12:37 PM

Assalammualaikum. Alhamdulillah Thanks to Almighty Allah SWT we're still alive given chances to do more good deed and pray. I'm proud to be a Muslim and it makes me happy all the time. This website is what I'm looking for to find source information of Islam. Hope this website will be useful for all mankind, Amin, and......please give Indonesia in language option. Thank you.

karen chastain

United States 20 Jul 05:07 AM

I have been searching for the truth for many years. This website has helped me more than any other in understanding God's truth instead of manmade truth.

calvin h. jelley

Canada 17 Jul 05:21 AM

i just accepted islam very happily

Adamu isa hassan

Nigeria 17 Jul 04:52 AM

MASHA ALLAH. All thanks and praises are given to Almighty Allah the creator of all that exist. jazakallahu for bringing up a wonderful website in which Allah has directed many to accept through this wonderful is a very nice development to our great religion. may Allah reward u abondantly.


New Zealand 12 Jul 05:35 AM

I am so encouraged to be reading about Islam on this site.

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