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Md Sajjad Alam

India 14 Apr 02:25 AM

i'm belong India, this site very use full for muslims, i like it


Unknown 10 Apr 02:07 PM

2:89: it is not saying disbelievers but those who conceal the truth. it means they know the truth but they cover it. there is a great difference.

Muhammad Idris

Indonesia 1 Apr 03:55 AM

This Site very usefull for me. special in history of Prophet Muhammad Saw. Jazakumullah

Sam Hine

United Kingdom 23 Mar 01:06 PM

This site has some very useful articles on what is, for me, the most fascinating religion. It might be nice to see more argumentation and debate over some issues in the articles and help line, although.

brian james

United Kingdom 10 Mar 03:46 PM

Id like to say this is a very helpful site with alot of information. thank you

Waheed Abdullah

1 Mar 06:45 AM

Salaam Alaikum This web-site is very informative. I have visited many times and referred others. May Allah reward you for all of your hard work to assemble suck impactful information about our deen,

Nur Huuwaida*com

Indonesia 16 Feb 07:53 PM

Very useful website for information. Can I plant my link at the website? because it is useful for my website. thank you


Israel 16 Feb 11:05 AM

Like to learn more


Germany 10 Feb 10:16 AM

My search for truth started with a little debate with a friend about purpose of life and I landed being a Muslim myself. I got the direction and the real learning has now started. Alhamdulillah! Way to go till death...


5 Feb 05:10 AM

Be Thankful That Allah has blessed you with Islam..ALHUMDULILLAH!!


Iceland 18 Jan 02:25 PM

I hear azan from a distant mosque and it is very nice and peaceful.

Caleb Holland

United States 16 Jan 08:04 PM

I heard a Muslim prayer one time, and it really spoke to me.

David Figueroa

United States 10 Jan 05:11 AM

I really love web site and I am thinking about converting to Islamic faith. If possible can you email me some more info.. thanks

hicham jazouli

Morocco 3 Jan 08:51 AM

Jazakum Allah khayr


Philippines 1 Jan 10:57 PM

Thank u for creating this site, it makes me be enlightened and know a lot more about Islam.


Philippines 13 Dec 07:48 PM

Assalamualaykum, I want to read some of your books.


United States 23 Nov 10:36 AM

asalamu alakium. subhanallah, this site has become good use to me.


United States 16 Nov 04:34 PM

Thanks for your services :)

Unknown 14 Nov 01:43 PM

Jazakum Allah khayr for your great efforts and the presentation of knowledge !


Unknown 31 Oct 12:06 PM

As I revert I find this site very informative as I continue to learn.


United States 27 Oct 07:04 AM

I teach school and find this site very helpful as I teach the stories of the Prophets. May Allah reward you for your sharing this info. Shukran


China 26 Oct 08:08 AM

Really love this

Natasha D Clem

United States 25 Oct 05:07 PM

I don't think any Muslims live in my area. I thank you for this cite.


Canada 20 Oct 04:31 AM

thanks for the useful advice.


United States 17 Oct 12:55 AM

great website and great information, I was brought to a mosque in the my duties as a Police Officer, and every since Ive have been interested in Islam

Gary T. Bauer

United States 12 Oct 01:19 PM

I can't thank you enough for all your patience, kindness, and gentle guidance. After many years of running, I surrendered and followed my soul. I have never known such peace. May Allah the compassionate richly bless you all!


Unknown 12 Oct 05:53 AM

At last I have found a site that specifically meets the needs of seekers with a great variety of resources and information, and more importantly, this site addresses issues that are sore points. It does not shy away. I would recommend this site to any non-Muslim who is aware that our own media focus on the wrongs and not the rights. It also challenges our 'spoon-fed' acceptance of the things in our own culture that need to be questioned just as diligently.


Unknown 11 Oct 06:40 AM

Great research. Thanks for sharing may your time and effort be rewarded

Stacey Stephens

United States 23 Sep 12:38 PM

Thank you for the videos - I'm trying to learn how to pray, grow in my faith, and live properly as a Muslim.

marti brinson

28 Aug 09:18 PM

Thank you for the website it has really helped to look up and find the answer to questions I have.marti brinson


Mauritius 26 Aug 10:50 AM

Assalamualykum everyone...i think it's a good way to spread the words of those who really don't know and have a lot question about islam,and alhamdulillah this web page is here to introduce islam to those who wanna convert even as well to muslim person..i wanna encourage everyone who has see the website to suggest some of your friends,am sure this can help them..MAY ALLAH SWT KEEP CONTINUE TO LET THE PAGE AND ISLAM GROW BIGGER.AMEEN


Norway 21 Aug 02:58 AM

Cool, I guess

Master Hameed (Facebook)

4 Aug 09:16 PM

Nice Website.

Master Hameed (Facebook)

Malaysia 4 Aug 09:12 PM

Assalamualaikkum wbt, It was a great website I've ever found.... may it will help everybody out there who wants to know more and feel excited about The True Islam...The One And Only True Religion In This World... May ALLAH SWT Make it easy to us in learning Islam better than before...Amin..InshaAllah.


Nigeria 30 Jul 09:58 AM

Maa sha Allah..I find this site to be educative and helpful especially to those who think they have full knowledge about islam but not knowing that they actually have little or no knowledge at all..jazakumllah khairan 2 d admin and all protocol insearch of this site


United States 27 Jul 01:53 PM

Great site...very helpful in understanding Islam. The live chat people are always motivating for me to learn more about Islam. while I am a Christian, I always am eager to know more about Islam since so much info in the media is distorted or untrueful.


Unknown 14 Jul 03:01 PM

This site has truly helped in knowing Islam. Alhumdulilah a great place for both Muslims and Non Muslims to know about Islam and Prophet Mohammed. Live Chat people are doing a great work in solving doubts. JazakAllah to all of you.


Nigeria 10 Jul 06:57 AM

Allamdulillah, I was verry happy seeing Muslims fellows working towards this articles, may Almighty Allah continue to bless this site and the admin including all the followers


India 29 May 05:08 AM

Nice web


India 14 May 03:31 AM

wow. amazing website. and thanks for your live chat. thats very useful for new muslims like me. jazakallah khair. :) may Allah bless you all who're all running this website


India 9 May 04:09 AM

One year ago I didn't know anything about Islam. Suddenly a thought struck in my mind "what is Islam?" then i typed "Islam" in google and the first option came was this website. It was written that "interested in islam? Go page to page and discover Islam" I clicked and discovered the true religion "Islam". Then i went to the live chat it helped me a lot! The agents told me how to convert to Islam and i converted. Islam religion .coms chat is the best and very useful for clearing doubts any time throughout the day. The chat is 24/7. Allah guided me to this website. This is the best website ever! has helped me a lot! The agents there in the live chat and this website has saved me from hellfire. Today I am proud to be a Muslim!

Mike Johnson

United States 28 Apr 09:27 PM

I converted to Islam (Allah be praised) on this site. I learned something about Islam from international students at the university where I worked. I decided to get an English copy of the Quran, so I clicked on the Support link here when the Advisor came online he asked "May I help you" I asked him where I could get an English copy of the Quran, he then asked me if I was a Muslim. I told him no and he ask me if I wanted to convert, that's when I realized that for many years I wanted to but I was never told how! He said i could do the Shahada online or if I wanted he could call me by phone, I gave him my phone number and when he called he lead me through the Testimony of Faith then congratulated me on becoming a Muslim. After this happened I wasn't left out in the cold, I immediately received an email with wonderful links on being a new Muslim! The Support Advisor on this site have been a great help to me and have answered any question I had about Islam! Let end by saying if you have thought about converting to Islam and have questions about it just click the Support Chat Box and ask away! I have only received truth since becoming a Muslim, Alhamdulillah!

Haydon cooper

United Kingdom 28 Apr 10:16 AM

I came to for advice on tips on how to be a good muslim from the live help and they are really helpful


United States 20 Apr 01:36 PM

This website the best!!! I was born into a muslim family but never knew the real reason why I should be a muslim! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! I thank Allah for guiding me to this website and allowing to understand Islam to the fullest!

bouhedli mohamed nassim

Algeria 5 Apr 08:38 PM

AsslamuAlaikum, this website, MashaAllah

Praise be to God

United States 31 Mar 05:56 PM

I came to this website to find out the real truth about Islam. I was always hearing from the media how "evil" and "Satanic" the religion of Islam is and this made me want to seek out the real truth concerning this religion. What I have found on this website (and others) has honestly amazed me - Islam is NOT the Islam that the media portrays. I am continually learning more and more about Islam and I have learned that it is truly a beautiful religion. Please stop listening to the media, as I have done. If you really want to know the truth about anything, such as, Islam, than research it for yourself. I was once a Christian and I believed like all the Christians do - and I have learned that this is the wrong belief and insults God Himself. Worship and pray to God only. If you sincerely ask God to lead and to show you what is right He will do it, because He wants you to know the real truth. I am not a Muslim yet, as I want to learn more and more about Islam, however, I believe God is showing me the true religion and true happiness and peace since I have allowed Him to show me Islam and I will keep learning more and more.

Esmat Safi

United States 29 Mar 04:05 PM

As a fellow Muslim growing up in west is hard, when there is so little about our religion Islam, I'm so glad to find this website. Keeps me up at night reading stories of our great prophets (pbuh).

Ghalib Najid

Kenya 26 Mar 12:01 AM

Nice since am a new convert helps me a lot to keep in touch with my faith in Islam.


Germany 5 Mar 04:33 AM

As Salam Aleikum. MashaAllah this is a very interested site to learn more about the islam. I am very proud to be a muslim and i will thank you for supporting me in learning how to pray and learning about more about our peacefully religion. I recommended this site from my heart to all interested humans. Al Hamdu li lallah. As salam Aleikum dear David as Dawoud.

Ed Horwitz

United States 2 Mar 01:01 PM

Great website!


Unknown 27 Feb 10:13 AM

Esselem Elaikum Machallah!


United Kingdom 23 Feb 07:04 AM

MashaAllah great site and so informative yet easy to understand. It is updated once a week and now I have something look forward to every Monday. InshaAllah I will recommend this to my friends and family. Jazakmulahi Khairun With duas

Afghanistan 20 Feb 01:38 PM

Interesting website


United States 8 Feb 11:54 AM

Wonderful and informative site, really enjoyed being on this site. It has opened my eyes as to what Islam is about. I will definitely come back here.

s.a.m. silmy

Sri Lanka 5 Feb 07:05 AM

I have benefited greatly from this site in English skill development and I hope that you provide the voice of articles and several people so easy to understand


Bangladesh 2 Feb 09:39 AM

Thanks. It's a test

Attaq hilary

Canada 2 Feb 02:37 AM

Assalam alikum to my brothers and sister I'm very blessed to learn Muslim and I read and learn the Quran alhumdulila for this brand new to learn something I always wanted to learn as I was a little Child every I learn something new everyday alhumdulila I would like more help it would be a big gift for more I fontina on become Muslim or convert to Islam I'm very happy to have brothers and sister in this world ALLAH created alhumdulila Thank you for this website it teach us so much more when we know deep in our hearts to believe and turn to one and only God Allah Thanks you again inshallah we met as we are brothers and Sister all praise to ALLAH


United Kingdom 22 Jan 03:26 PM

i came to this site wanting to know more about islam i find it very informative and will continue to use it

Hakim Ameen

United States 17 Jan 02:45 PM

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh this site is so helpful, I will learn so much about my religion insha allah and teach non muslims the truth and the way of life. Alhamdulillah


Canada 13 Jan 10:14 PM

Very informative. It is hard to find truthful information about Islam since most websites are biased. I have been viewing this site for many years and hope to show this to my children in the future. MashaAllah

Basheer Sarguroh

India 30 Dec 03:29 PM

Assalam wa alaykum Being a Muslim we all are Daaii of Da'waht. By Just being known as muslim. Therefor it is very important that we know our religion sufficiently well. Alhamdulillah this site provides an in depth informative platform with many avenues open. Make it easier for every visitor.

Omar Adam El'nafaty

Nigeria 22 Dec 12:19 AM

Alhamd Li Allah, all praises and thanks belong to Almighty Allah who guide us into Islam may He continue to help us toward da'wah..

asdar imam

India 19 Dec 01:03 AM

thanks to be a part of this sites which iam looking for and i want it more and more


Unknown 17 Dec 09:27 AM

Assalamu Alaikum, MashaAllah, this site is amazing! It educates everyone so clearly about Islam and truly increases our faith. It is so beneficial for Dawah as well. May Allah bless all those involved with this website, give them success upon success, and reward them with Jannah al-Firdaus for this noble effort. Ameen. With prayers. JazakAllah Khairun

Shaik Javed

India 8 Dec 09:16 AM

Assalamu Alaikum to all Brothers and sisters practicing Islam all around the World. I am very proud to be the practicing Muslim. Allah give Hidayat to those whom He likes utmost. People who get Hidayat of Islam are the most luckiest people in the world. May Allah give Hidayat to Everyone in this Planet. Excellent Site to Know about Islam and its teachings. May Allah Bless you all and give courage to fulfill your Mission.

Shaikh Ansar Basha

India 8 Dec 09:04 AM

This is a very good channel to know about Islam and its precepts.


Unknown 24 Nov 07:32 AM

AsslamuAlaikum, this website, MashaAllah, is phenomenal! For non'Muslims and Muslims alike you so eloquently educate us on all of the beautiful facets which make up Islam. ... I'm fifteen years old and many of the Muslim youth wish to learn about Islam. May Allah bless you and reward you with Jannah, inshaAllah.

Shahzad Ahmed

Pakistan 17 Nov 06:37 AM

This is a very informative web site I recently found while looking for some information on Islam. Now I have made it to my favourite bar.

Farrah Johnson

United States 4 Nov 10:22 PM

I'm so glad I came across this site, thank you for the wonderful Information. I hope one day to completely accept my place in this religion.


Unknown 29 Oct 02:56 PM

Very good website. Spreading good knowledge on Islam.

Robert Ponder

United States 17 Oct 09:22 PM

I really would love to have the holy book Quran. Can not afford one..This is a very good site and great information. Very interested. I am so lonely in my religious life and very interested in converting to Islam. Just too poor. Al I can do is search the web and read what I find and your site is the best I have found. A blessed site. Thank you

Latifah B.

United States 25 Sep 08:26 AM

As salaamu alaikum warahmahtulahi wabarakaatu. Alhamdulilah! I was in a small talk with some people in my apartment building yesterday, re: Jesus (alaihi salaam) is Allah and/or is His son. I argued to the best of my knowledge that he is not God (Allah) or His son. I am the only (practicing) muslimah in the building, so I felt all alone. There were five of them and only me; I was truly out-numbered, so after offering Salatul Fajr this morning, Allahu ta'ala inspired me with this site! Allahu Akbar! I will be forever grateful to Him and Jazakillahu khairan for all who produced this very beneficial site, ameen.


Canada 23 Sep 04:50 AM

I came to this site wanting know more about the religion of Islam. Site and livechat is helpful, thank you.


Ghana 4 Sep 01:06 PM

Assalqmo Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. Your website very useful, educative and informative. May the Almighty Allah richly bless you all for the good work you are doing for Muslim Ummah and Islam…

Maleja M. Daud-Jaamil

Philippines 5 Aug 09:50 PM

I like your website, very informative, simple and brief. May Allah guide you and bless you more for making this and maintaining this website. Sukran Katheer! Jazakallah Kairan.

Jeffrey Lomba

United States 31 Jul 05:07 PM

Thank you for your generosity. The contained information has been an invaluable resource.

Md Akram Khan

India 20 Jul 02:01 AM

Asalaam alaikum brothers and sisters. I feel great to discover this site. Please keep updating me with all the information about my religion insha Allah. May Allah reward you abundantly. Allahuma ameen .

Mahmoud Karani

Kenya 15 Jul 03:05 PM

Thank u for your articles are very accurate and helps me in Dawah, Keep up in this noble endevour


United States 22 Jun 05:46 PM

Appreciate all the information you share for someone interested in learning about Islam.

sumaiah fauziah

Uganda 20 Jun 11:56 AM

Asalaam alaikum brothers and sisters. I feel great to discover this site. Please keep updating me with all the information about my religion insha Allah. May Allah reward you abundantly. Allahuma ameen .

shikha shakya

India 9 Jun 02:29 AM

I am very glad to inform you that i have received the parcel sent by you.thanks a lot to all the person of ur site. thank u so much. May "ALLAH" bless to all person of ur site. Proud to be a Muslim.

Bismillah Ali

United Kingdom 8 Jun 12:14 PM

I really love the scientific proofs of the Qu'ranic texts section. It is the best I've seen anywhere, and I don't lie! The pictures and diagrams are great.

salis bura

Nigeria 8 Jun 11:18 AM

Assalamu Alaikum, may ALLAH rewards you.

Deborah Colgin

United States 31 May 01:48 PM

Thank you for this site, My Fiance is Muslim I trying my best to learn as much as I can so I can convert to becoming Muslim.

Betty McCluskey

United States 26 May 05:44 PM

thank you so much for the enlightment I also believe only in God and no other.

Bin SamiT

Thailand 20 May 09:15 PM

Very good website.


Unknown 19 May 11:51 AM

I have converted to Islam today. That was a big step for me, but I have found a inner Peace. I am so greatful.

Abdul Aziz Khan

19 May 07:32 AM

This site gives me immense pleasure when I go through and I think it is also essential for both muslims and non-muslims. May Allah reward all of you.


Unknown 16 May 12:54 PM

New here and started to love this site..hope to learn more here to become a true and straight muslim..thanks my God..

Harou Lugo

Tanzania 24 Apr 04:33 PM

God bless all Muslim umma


Palau 23 Apr 06:49 AM

Nice :)


Denmark 22 Apr 03:20 AM

This site is the best I have come across. The great structure and eye for detail is what does it. And it really helps me understand the many issues I have had with Islam which I have been very critical of throughout my life. But the more I investigate the source material, the more I learn and the more I understand logically and respect about Islam. I have been studying Islam in my spare time for almost 3 years now, and I feel I am very close to admitting to myself that Islam is the truth and a very beautiful religion. That is why I will definitely say my Shahada very soon Inshallah and be proud to call myself Muslim.

is haryuni

Indonesia 4 Apr 03:16 AM

it is really awesome... this site verily helps me as source to facilitate other people who ask about islam. may Allah SWT bless the founders of this site and guide all of us to the right path until in the end of our life.

Amani Sadowski

United States 9 Mar 05:48 PM

may Allah bless us all.

chaudhary ayyub

India 8 Mar 11:21 AM

Allahuakbar big job hope Allah give u continuity in the task.

sirate meryame

New Zealand 1 Mar 08:13 PM

I converted to Islam praise be to Allah I am a woman who loves Allah

Aamina Nix

United States 24 Feb 04:00 PM

I love islam and wearing the hijab. I promise to be a good little islamic girl.

Brian James

Unknown 15 Feb 08:19 PM

Great site

abdelrahman ali

Egypt 5 Feb 01:55 AM

without religion we can not live .the islam is everything for me and this religion is natural religin

Bryan Watters

United States 31 Jan 04:31 PM

I am on my way to converting to Islam. I already feel like I am a proud Muslim, I think this is coming from finally admitting that this is the one true religion of our world and taking my first steps down this life long journey. I am really glad that i have found this website and hope to make some Muslim friends to help guide me.

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