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Islam in the Bible

Description: Islam is a topic of interest for both Muslims and non-Muslims in our times. To some, Islam is a combination of strange practices that are scarcely found in other religions. Watch Joshual as he unveils the mention of Islamic rituals in other religious texts.
Main Speaker: Joshual Evans
Length 1:11:47 -
Published on 13 Apr 2009
Viewed: 15753 (daily average: 7) - Rating: 4.8 out of 5 - Rated by: 39
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Category: Videos > Evidence Islam is Truth > Muhammad in the Bible and Other Scriptures

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Key Points of This Video
Miraculous Birth of Jesus
Taking Off Shoes
Purification Before Prayers: Ablution
Bowing Head/Prostrating
Not Bowing to Statues/Images
Decoration of Trees
Legitimacy of the prophet hood Ishmael
Alcohol is Prohibited
Prohibition of Pork
No Original Sin
Prophethood to Mankind
God's messenger and not God
From the Progeny of Abraham
The Rejected Stone
First Revelation
Prophet from Arabia
A Prophet Like Moses
Prophet Gave Laws
10,000 Saints
Until Shiloh Come
Pilgrims of Baca Valley
Revealed Gradually
Prophecy By Name
Prophecies Come to Pass
Jesus foretold about Muhammad
Gospel of Barnabas
Quran is preserved by memorization
Original Copies
Sir William Muir
Dr. Maurice Bucaille
Scientific Miracles of The Quran
Belief in Allah
Belief in the Angels
Belief in the books
Belief in the Messengers
Belief in the Last Day
Belief in the Divine Decree
Testimony of Faith
Establishing the Prayer
Obligatory Charity
Pilgrimage to the city of Mecca
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