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Glenn Muthersbaugh

[email protected]
United States 16 Apr 01:55 PM

I am not a Muslim, but I have been investigating. This site has been very helpful in answering my questions and sending me good reading material.. Thank you.

Jeffrey Sandifer

[email protected]
United States 15 Apr 10:50 AM

Beautiful website


[email protected]
United States 13 Apr 09:52 PM

I like visiting this website. Very informative articles about Islam and the prophets. I really like the Islamic lifestyle articles. I am considering converting to islam and following the Path.

Moussa Oumarou

[email protected]
27 Mar 09:03 AM

Jazakallahu hairan


[email protected]
Bahrain 1 Mar 10:47 AM

flawless website useful link


[email protected]
Fiji Islands 28 Feb 10:19 PM

high web site useful link


[email protected]
Morocco 28 Feb 09:27 PM

decent resource recommended site

Thomas White

[email protected]
United States 23 Feb 06:54 PM

I would like to thank for this site. I'm officially a Muslim. I need some meet new friends if you guys interested...

Muhammad Abdullahi

[email protected]
Nigeria 23 Feb 12:10 PM

May Almighty Allah Bless all of you contributing and benefiting this website


[email protected]
Laos 21 Feb 04:09 PM

I'm more than pleased to find Recommended Site this great site. I wanted to help thank you for your time and energy for this specifically wonderful learn!! I certainly appreciated each little bit of the idea and I have you saved as a favorite to check out new additional hints things in your site.

Sarfraz ali

[email protected]
Pakistan 10 Jan 12:45 PM

Slam This is very good thanks

Dawud Muhammad

[email protected]
United States 24 Dec 11:01 AM

As Salaam Aleikum, I truly am enjoying this web site. After a couple I am still enjoying it. May Allah bless you all for making it available. Shukran

Hanif ali

[email protected]
United States 22 Dec 07:54 AM

Well put together allahuakbar.


[email protected]
11 Dec 09:39 AM

Salam aleykum exellente application masha Allah

Na'imah Difid

[email protected]
United States 8 Dec 05:55 PM

I would like to thank all of you at this site for all your help with my conversion and my pathway with my new religion. The agents here are so helpful! I can't thank them enough! God bless!


[email protected]
6 Dec 06:34 PM

Very informative and useful website.

Edward Horwitz

[email protected]
United States 6 Dec 12:39 AM

God bless all people every where


[email protected]
Saudi Arabia 5 Dec 05:29 AM

Thank for this great webistes if you like i can help you and explain to you about islam

Erika Tello

[email protected]
Mexico 1 Dec 12:01 AM


Abdoul Hamidy Barry

[email protected]
30 Nov 04:56 PM

as Salam alaykoum wa Ramatoulaye

Devadasis jruna

[email protected]
Australia 29 Nov 08:46 AM

I love this stuff and I'm thinking of converting

Julia Fice

[email protected]
Canada 28 Nov 08:04 AM

Interesting. I will read more.

Fabiana Bertuleza

[email protected]
27 Nov 05:45 AM

Muito proveitoso. Mashah Allah.


[email protected]
Puerto Rico 23 Nov 05:50 AM

I value the post.Thanks Again. Cool. - Plamondon


[email protected]
United States 20 Nov 11:43 PM

I am a Christian. I find Islam fascinating. is a great place to learn about Islam.


[email protected]
Unknown 20 Nov 06:54 AM



[email protected]
Unknown 2 Nov 08:07 PM

Assalamu Aleikum!Sou novo revertido na fé islâmica e graças a ALLAH,clemente e misericordioso, sinto-me feliz, onde meus filhos e esposa são cristãos e louvam todos os dias á DEUS pela mudança que ele fez em minha vida!Sou policial militar aqui em São Paulo-BRASIL e por ser um crente muçulmano tenho recebido elogios e agora todos estão entendendo realmente como agem os muçulmanos:amor e temor somente á DEUS.Este site é agraciado por DEUS;


[email protected]
United States 25 Oct 08:53 PM

I really like and appreciate your article. Great. - Toomey

Youssouf Sogodogo

[email protected]
Mali 25 Oct 12:41 PM

j'ai eu vraiment une satisfaction après avoir connu ce site pour nous le musulmans.


[email protected]
Nigeria 19 Oct 05:56 AM



[email protected]
Sri Lanka 10 Oct 07:30 PM

This website so useful for me .Thank you a lot .Alhamdulillah


[email protected]
United States 5 Oct 03:49 AM

Im thankful for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic. - Bompiani

Khaalid Elmi

[email protected]
Somalia 16 Sep 03:03 AM

Jazakumullah Khayral Jazaa, what I can say is just to say Thank U, how you are serving for Islam

shoeb sayed

[email protected]
India 3 Sep 02:10 AM

This is the user friendly, ad free web and i like the stories of prophets. But thr shud be a simple link in articles menus as 'stories of prophets', chat room is gud approach. I wish this website to be more emphasized on Muslim, Christians unity and also shud mention abt the similarities between hinduism, Islam n christianity from da scripts of vedas,old testament etc.

Gwendolyn Bender

[email protected]
United States 2 Sep 03:46 PM

I love being with Shahada I love to read the Islam books and the Quran.


[email protected]
Slovakia 31 Aug 11:19 PM

Very neat article post. Really Cool.


[email protected]
Slovakia 30 Aug 07:28 AM

Thanks so much for the forum topic.Thanks Again. Awesome. Bailey


[email protected]
United States 29 Aug 03:05 PM

I am grateful for your site. Thank you. Peace and blessings, Zojan

Thal Lu

[email protected]
United States 29 Aug 12:34 PM

Bless you people i love you brothers And sisters Thank you for converting me and Now i am officialy a muslim and i Learned alot from this website and chatting with people and thanks alot Shannon and sarang and Ahmed for helping me alot and teaching and telling me about islam and helping me learn how to pray and worshipping allah the one and only God.. islam is a away of live not only a religión and i love to read the quran and thanks sarang for helping to quit listening Music for allahs sake And i loved talking to sarang and Ahmed they are the best and my favorite Advisers ever and the one of the nicest people i cháted with online. Allah akbar and allah bless yo y all


[email protected]
Philippines 26 Aug 09:47 PM

i want to know about islam because im muslim

Aziz Bagirov

[email protected]
Azerbaijan 25 Aug 06:42 AM

This website is so useful. Thanks you a lot. Alhamdulillah!

Abdul Maajid Salar Labeeb

[email protected]
India 25 Aug 04:32 AM

Alhamdullilah!! This website is a very helpful tool for both muslims and non muslims.


[email protected]
Hong Kong SAR 16 Aug 08:21 PM

Using this website for research in school.


[email protected]
China 10 Aug 08:16 AM

i want to learn islam


[email protected]
Australia 8 Aug 05:10 PM

Praise Allah Bless his name !! Today I took the shahada and am so happy and blessed...thank you Sarang for your help...


[email protected]
United States 7 Aug 02:48 AM

Hello.. I really joyed visiting Islam website I at least been on an off here about two or three months ago, an I'm am happily to say I'm proud to be a Muslim now; which I converted into being one when I first came to this site. I hope to learn more and with my husband by my side!

Richard McFarland

[email protected]
United States 5 Aug 10:54 AM

I have been studying Islam and visiting a local Mosque, this site offers much insightful information and I will return to learn more. Thank you.

Ronald Costen

[email protected]
United States 1 Aug 08:34 PM

need more understanding


[email protected]
Bosnia and Herzegovina 19 Jul 06:23 AM

Hola! I’ve been following your site for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the great job!

paul chauncey

[email protected]
United States 18 Jul 10:07 PM

im interested in learning this faith because i started with hebrews but when i was in prison i met a lot of muslim people of that faith i would love to know my creator better


Philippines 15 Jul 12:17 AM

alla hu akbar

Owuor Joflix Ooko

[email protected]
Botswana 14 Jul 03:19 PM

this is interesting

sule adamu

[email protected]
Ghana 11 Jul 03:44 AM

very educative site

ana maria

Argentina 10 Jul 06:38 PM

Le doy gracias a Allah,por encontrar el camino correcto,seguirè leyendo y aprendiendo cada dìa mas.¡¡Feliz de mi conversiòn!!

Bonnie Mills

United States 26 Jun 06:17 PM

This site is fantastic. My friend recommended this website to me so I can come and get to learn all the stuff about Islam. This is the only website you need when you need to learn Islam and become Muslim. I am not Muslim, excellent website for studying the religion.


United Kingdom 24 Jun 06:53 AM

As-Salamu Alaykum sisters and brothers. I feel it is important to express how amazing this website, I reverted around a month ago with the support and dawah from a brother on this website. Wallahi, I came across this website and had no idea I would feel the emotions I did nor did I expect to convert, I was just seeking knowledge and did not feel strong enough to convert. I went into the live chat with a little bit of caution due to not expressing to no one how i felt, I come from a none religious background where Islam is not even spoke of and is frowned upon if it is, I was connected with brother ahmed, alhamdulillah! this brother was sincere in helping me to convert, he give me so much dawah and support from the beginning and even throughout this blessed Ramadan, I believe that Allah SWT blessed me with dawah from this brother and will continue to keep him and every other adviser on this website in my duas for blessing so many people's lives . Overall I cannot recommend this website enough, it is amazing and has so many benefits even for muslims who have been born into islam. I pray the whole Ummah supports this website and invites many more people to join islam in such a manner.

Rodolfo Ferraresi

Brazil 16 Jun 08:53 AM

Assalamu Alaikum!!!! Excelente trabalho de todos nossos irmao envolvidos nesse portal!!!.Que Allah os Abençoe sempre!!!


Philippines 8 Jun 10:38 AM

My heart and soul belongs to Islam .. Alhamdullilah !!


Philippines 27 May 12:59 PM

Proud to be a Muslim d


South Africa 25 May 05:51 AM

My eyes have been opened to many unknown things. My heart breaks at the content in the Bible that is contradictory as I was brought up to trust only what is written inside it. Peace be with you all


Unknown 9 May 12:02 PM

This site helped me gain soooo much knowledge i didnt have before. and the Live chats were as helpful as ever. The people messaging were very professional and provided sources and answers till all my doubts were clarifies. Would recommend this site for anyone, any day. Thanks for Everything.

Md arshad khan

India 1 May 12:09 AM

Vry good


United States 23 Apr 01:07 AM

I came across this website one day, very suddenly, because I was searching for a specific quote on Google... but now that I'm familiar with it, I'm so glad I found it. This website is extremely useful, and helpful especially to those of us who don't know enough about Islam, or simply want to learn more. I learned many stories about the Prophets when I was younger, but as I've gotten older, I've forgotten many of them. I found the stories on this website and I can't describe how glad I am! Huge thanks to everyone who contributed/contributes to this website; thank you for your time, effort, and dedication! Jazak'Allah khair!

Md Sajjad Alam

India 14 Apr 02:25 AM

i'm belong India, this site very use full for muslims, i like it


Unknown 10 Apr 02:07 PM

2:89: it is not saying disbelievers but those who conceal the truth. it means they know the truth but they cover it. there is a great difference.

Muhammad Idris

Indonesia 1 Apr 03:55 AM

This Site very usefull for me. special in history of Prophet Muhammad Saw. Jazakumullah

Sam Hine

United Kingdom 23 Mar 01:06 PM

This site has some very useful articles on what is, for me, the most fascinating religion. It might be nice to see more argumentation and debate over some issues in the articles and help line, although.

brian james

United Kingdom 10 Mar 03:46 PM

Id like to say this is a very helpful site with alot of information. thank you

Waheed Abdullah

1 Mar 06:45 AM

Salaam Alaikum This web-site is very informative. I have visited many times and referred others. May Allah reward you for all of your hard work to assemble suck impactful information about our deen,

Nur Huuwaida*com

Indonesia 16 Feb 07:53 PM

Very useful website for information. Can I plant my link at the website? because it is useful for my website. thank you


Israel 16 Feb 11:05 AM

Like to learn more [email protected]


Germany 10 Feb 10:16 AM

My search for truth started with a little debate with a friend about purpose of life and I landed being a Muslim myself. I got the direction and the real learning has now started. Alhamdulillah! Way to go till death...


5 Feb 05:10 AM

Be Thankful That Allah has blessed you with Islam..ALHUMDULILLAH!!


Iceland 18 Jan 02:25 PM

I hear azan from a distant mosque and it is very nice and peaceful.

Caleb Holland

United States 16 Jan 08:04 PM

I heard a Muslim prayer one time, and it really spoke to me.

David Figueroa

United States 10 Jan 05:11 AM

I really love web site and I am thinking about converting to Islamic faith. If possible can you email me some more info.. thanks

hicham jazouli

Morocco 3 Jan 08:51 AM

Jazakum Allah khayr


Philippines 1 Jan 10:57 PM

Thank u for creating this site, it makes me be enlightened and know a lot more about Islam.


Philippines 13 Dec 07:48 PM

Assalamualaykum, I want to read some of your books.


United States 23 Nov 10:36 AM

asalamu alakium. subhanallah, this site has become good use to me.


United States 16 Nov 04:34 PM

Thanks for your services :)

Unknown 14 Nov 01:43 PM

Jazakum Allah khayr for your great efforts and the presentation of knowledge !


Unknown 31 Oct 12:06 PM

As I revert I find this site very informative as I continue to learn.


United States 27 Oct 07:04 AM

I teach school and find this site very helpful as I teach the stories of the Prophets. May Allah reward you for your sharing this info. Shukran


China 26 Oct 08:08 AM

Really love this

Natasha D Clem

United States 25 Oct 05:07 PM

I don't think any Muslims live in my area. I thank you for this cite.


Canada 20 Oct 04:31 AM

thanks for the useful advice.


United States 17 Oct 12:55 AM

great website and great information, I was brought to a mosque in the my duties as a Police Officer, and every since Ive have been interested in Islam

Gary T. Bauer

United States 12 Oct 01:19 PM

I can't thank you enough for all your patience, kindness, and gentle guidance. After many years of running, I surrendered and followed my soul. I have never known such peace. May Allah the compassionate richly bless you all!


Unknown 12 Oct 05:53 AM

At last I have found a site that specifically meets the needs of seekers with a great variety of resources and information, and more importantly, this site addresses issues that are sore points. It does not shy away. I would recommend this site to any non-Muslim who is aware that our own media focus on the wrongs and not the rights. It also challenges our 'spoon-fed' acceptance of the things in our own culture that need to be questioned just as diligently.


Unknown 11 Oct 06:40 AM

Great research. Thanks for sharing may your time and effort be rewarded

Stacey Stephens

United States 23 Sep 12:38 PM

Thank you for the videos - I'm trying to learn how to pray, grow in my faith, and live properly as a Muslim.

marti brinson

28 Aug 09:18 PM

Thank you for the website it has really helped to look up and find the answer to questions I have.marti brinson


Mauritius 26 Aug 10:50 AM

Assalamualykum everyone...i think it's a good way to spread the words of those who really don't know and have a lot question about islam,and alhamdulillah this web page is here to introduce islam to those who wanna convert even as well to muslim person..i wanna encourage everyone who has see the website to suggest some of your friends,am sure this can help them..MAY ALLAH SWT KEEP CONTINUE TO LET THE PAGE AND ISLAM GROW BIGGER.AMEEN


Norway 21 Aug 02:58 AM

Cool, I guess

Master Hameed (Facebook)

4 Aug 09:16 PM

Nice Website.

Master Hameed (Facebook)

Malaysia 4 Aug 09:12 PM

Assalamualaikkum wbt, It was a great website I've ever found.... may it will help everybody out there who wants to know more and feel excited about The True Islam...The One And Only True Religion In This World... May ALLAH SWT Make it easy to us in learning Islam better than before...Amin..InshaAllah.


Nigeria 30 Jul 09:58 AM

Maa sha Allah..I find this site to be educative and helpful especially to those who think they have full knowledge about islam but not knowing that they actually have little or no knowledge at all..jazakumllah khairan 2 d admin and all protocol insearch of this site


United States 27 Jul 01:53 PM

Great site...very helpful in understanding Islam. The live chat people are always motivating for me to learn more about Islam. while I am a Christian, I always am eager to know more about Islam since so much info in the media is distorted or untrueful.


Unknown 14 Jul 03:01 PM

This site has truly helped in knowing Islam. Alhumdulilah a great place for both Muslims and Non Muslims to know about Islam and Prophet Mohammed. Live Chat people are doing a great work in solving doubts. JazakAllah to all of you.

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