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Evidence for God (part 5 of 8): Objections to Fine Tuning  (Published on 14 Apr 2014)
Description: 1. Three objections to fine-tuning are answered.  2. Why does fine-tuning need an explanation?  3. An illustration of fine-tuning with a universe generating machine.  4. Awe of atheists on how fine-tuned the universe is.
Excerpt: Someone might say, ‘but if the constants and initial values had been different, maybe different forms of life might have evolved.’ By ‘life’ scientists mean the property of organisms to take food, convert it into energy, grow, adapt to their environment, and reproduce.  In order for life to exist, constants and initial conditions have to be fine tuned otherwise, there will be neither matter nor chemistry, let alone planets with life. (Read more...)
Evidence for God (part 6 of 8): How Can We Explain Fine-Tuning?  (Published on 14 Apr 2014)
Description: Fine-tuning and design are two separate ideas.  We will discuss all possible explanations for fine-tuning and see that divine creation is the only reasonable choice acknowledged even by some atheists.

New Videos This Week
Why Are We Here and What is Our Purpose of Life  (Published on 14 Apr 2014)
Description: In this video Yusha Evans discusses a question asked by every living creature, what is our purpose in life.
Short Answers to Doubts Raised Against the Quran  (Published on 14 Apr 2014)
Description: In this video Dr. Jamal Badwi tackles dozens of misconceptions around the Quran in a very concise and accurate way. This video a focused speech deconstructing the arguments of the some orientalists against the Quran. 
Omar Dexter, Former Christian, UK  (Published on 14 Apr 2014)
Description: In this video Omar Dexter shares his story about how he converted to Islam. He explains how his travels across the world eventually forced him to start his search for a religion.
Featured Articles This Week
  • Signs of Prophethood in the Noble Life of Prophet Muhammad (part 1 of 2): Prophet Muhammad’s Early Life  (Published on 08 Jul 2013)
    Description: Prophet Muhammad’s life was guided by God and this was demonstrated even from a very young age.
    Excerpt: When a person accepts Islam, reconfirms his or her faith or prays any of the five daily prayers, they also affirm their belief in Muhammad as a prophet of God; the final prophet.  In addition to this over 1.5 billion people the world over believe that Prophet Muhammad’s life is worthy of being emulated and aspired to.  However many people embrace Islam without really knowing Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him.  Perhaps all they know is that he was born and lived in the Arabian Peninsula and received the literal word of God in the form of the Quran. (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
The Freedom of Man  (Published on 08 Jul 2013)
Description: In this video, Dr. Jaffar Idris discusses one of the human rights, the freedom.
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