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Muslim Prayer Postures Found in the Bible  (Published on 15 Sep 2014)
Description: Here we look at a number of verses from the Bible that describe prayer and note their similarities to the way Muslims pray.
Excerpt: Prayer holds a very important place in the religion of Islam.† It is the second pillar of faith and the act of ritual prayer is performed five times every day.† There is great power entrenched in the postures of prayer not the least of which is that it establishes and reinforces our connection to God.† This is a connection that God Himself established when he created human beings.† Our ancestor Adam was responsible for teaching his family how to worship God in the correct way which included praying. (Read more...)
Oved ben Aharon, Ex-Jew, USA (part 4 of 4)  (Published on 15 Sep 2014)
Description: 25 years of reflection, evaluation of the Jewish community and their Tradition, and in-depth studies within the Yeshivas of Jerusalem, finally leads Oved to Islam. Part 4: Islam and the Muslim community, the true God and entrance into the true faith.

New Videos This Week
Muslims love Jesus and Muhammad the Last Prophet in Islam  (Published on 16 Sep 2014)
Description: In this video Adam Rahman speaks about the last Prophet in Islam and discusses his book in which he mentions both Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad.
Johari Abdul-Malik, Ex-Christian, USA  (Published on 16 Sep 2014)
Description: In this video Johari Abdul-Malik relates his story of how he came to Islam and details his life since his parentsí marriage to show how slowly his life worked in an organized manner to lead him to Islam.
Baba Ali, Ex-Atheist, USA  (Published on 16 Sep 2014)
Description: In this short video, Baba Ali shares his journey to Islam highlighting the main events that led to his conversion and the peace he felt once he became a Muslim.
Featured Articles This Week
  • Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz (part 1 of 2): Islamic principles transform an Empire  (Published on 30 Jul 2012)
    Description: A brief introduction to the man known as the fifth rightly guided Caliph.
    Excerpt: After the death of Prophet Muhammad the rapidly expanding Islamic nation was led by a series of men known as the four rightly guided Caliphs. They were men that had learnt their Islam directly from the Prophet himself and governed strictly according to the Quran and authentic traditions of Prophet Muhammad. By 644CE both the Persian and Byzantium empires had fallen to the Muslim armies. Slowly over the next decades the people of the conquered empires adapted both the language and religion of the conquerors. (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
Quran and Modern Science: Compatible or Incompatible?  (Published on 11 Sep 2012)
Description: In this lecture, Dr. Zakir Naik states various sciences that have been foretold in the Quran but have been established recently by modern science,
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