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“Rivalry in worldly increase distracts you…”  (Published on 27 Jul 2015)
Description: The author beautifully captures the emptiness of the lives of those devoid of God and a meaningful purpose and related it to how the Quran describes it.
Excerpt: Twenty years ago, I wrote an article which I gave the title "The Age of Reduction". It was published in the book Islamic Views on Contemporary Issues. Now I find the need to talk about "The Age of Increase". There is no contradiction between these two descriptions of our age. They are two sides of the same coin – a coin we could give the name "wretchedness". (Read more...)
New Videos This Week
Who Was Muhammad (PBUH)?  (Published on 27 Jul 2015)
Description: In this video Mufti Menk speaks about the last and noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and shares a glimpse of his life highlighting his good character and morals.
Achieving The Goal Of Life  (Published on 27 Jul 2015)
Description: In this video Omar Suleiman speaks about the goal of ones life and how to achieve it. He derives this from a verse of the Quran and reflects on it by contemplating on a humans reactions to daily interactions.
Featured Articles This Week
  • Chapter 59, Verses 21-24: The Beautiful Names of God (part 1 of 2)  (Published on 06 Jul 2015)
    Description: These verses explain what kind of God He is, what are His attributes, Who has sent the Quran, and before Whom you have to render an account of your deeds in the end. 
    Excerpt: God describes the power of the Quran with the illustration of a mountain.  The mountain is high and massive, climbing it is a test of the human spirit.  God has described it in some verses as pegs of earth.  What would have been the response of this mountain to the Quran? The Quran has such power that if the mountains had hearts and could display their reactions, then we would have witnessed the crushing of their egos to dust.  (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
Muhammad Source of Universal Peace  (Published on 29 Jun 2015)
Description: In this video Mufti Menk speaks about the peace that the last Prophet brought in all aspects of ones life and how his beautiful character only promoted more peace.
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