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The Purpose of Creation (part 1 of 3): An Introduction

Description: An introduction to the most puzzling question of human history, and a discussion about the sources which can be used to find the answer.  Part 1: The source for the answer.
By Dr. Bilal Philips
Published on 13 Feb 2006 - Last modified on 12 Mar 2006
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Category: Articles > Beliefs of Islam > The Purpose of Life


The purpose of creation is a topic that puzzles every human being at some point in his or her lifetime.  Everybody at some time or another asks themselves the question “Why do I exist?”  or “For what purpose am I here on earth?”

The variety and complexity of the intricate systems which constitute the fabric of both human beings and the world in which they exist indicate that there must have been a Supreme Being who created them.  Design indicates a designer.  When human beings come across footprints on a beach, they immediately conclude that a human being had walked by there some time previously.  No one imagines that the waves from the sea settled in the sand and by chance produced a depression looking exactly like human footprints.  Nor do humans instinctively conclude that they were brought into existence without a purpose.  Since purposeful action is a natural product of human intelligence, humans conclude that the Supreme Intelligent Being who created them must have done so for a specific purpose.  Therefore, human beings need to know the purpose for their existence in order to make sense of this life and to do what is ultimately beneficial for them.

Throughout the ages, however, there has been a minority among humans who have denied the existence of God.  Matter, in their opinion, is eternal and mankind is merely a chance product of accidental combinations of its elements.  Consequently, to them, the question “Why did God create man?”  had and still has no answer.  According to them, there simply is no purpose to existence.  However, the vast majority of humankind over the ages have believed and continue to believe in the existence of a Supreme Being who created this world with a purpose.  For them it was, and still is, important to know about the Creator and the purpose for which He created human beings.

The Answer

To answer the question “Why did God create man?”  it must first be determined from which perspective the question is being asked.  From the point of view of God it would mean, “What caused God to create human beings?”  while from the human point of view it would mean “For what purpose did God create humans?”  Both points of view represent aspects of the intriguing question “Why do I exist?” ...both aspects of the question will be explored based on the clear picture painted by divine revelation.  This is not a topic for human speculation, because human guesswork cannot possibly produce the whole truth in this matter.  How can human beings intellectually deduce the reality of their existence when they can hardly understand how their own brain or its higher entity, the mind, functions?  Consequently, the many philosophers who have speculated on this question down through the ages have come up with innumerable answers, all of which are based on assumptions which cannot be proven.  Questions on this topic have even led a number of philosophers to claim that we do not really exist and that the whole world is imaginary.  For example, the Greek philosopher Plato (428-348 BC) argued that the everyday world of changeable things, which man comes to know by the use of his senses, is not the primary reality, but is a shadow world of appearances.  Many others, as was previously mentioned, claimed and continue to claim that there is no purpose for the creation of humans at all.  According to them, human existence is merely a product of chance.  There can be no purpose if life evolved from inanimate matter which only became animate by pure luck.  Humankind’s supposed ‘cousins,’ the monkey and apes are not bothered with questions of existence, so why should human beings be bothered with them?

Although most people put the question of why we are created aside after occasional brief reflection, it is extremely critical for human beings to know the answer.  Without knowledge of the correct answer, human beings become indistinguishable from the other animals around them.  The animal necessities and desires of eating, drinking and procreating become the purpose of human existence by default, and human effort is then focused in this limited sphere.  When material satisfaction develops into the most important goal in life, human existence becomes even more degraded than that of the lowest of animals.  Human beings will consistently misuse their God-given intelligence when they lack knowledge of their purpose of existence.  The degraded human mind uses its abilities to create drugs and bombs and becomes engrossed in fornication, pornography, homosexuality, fortunetelling, suicide, etc.  Without knowledge of the purpose of life, human existence loses all meaning and is consequently wasted, and the reward of an eternal life of happiness in the hereafter is completely destroyed.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that human beings correctly answer the question “Why are we here?”

Humans most often turn to other human beings like themselves for the answers.  However, the only place that clear and precise answers to these questions can be found is in the books of divine revelation.  It was necessary that God reveal the purpose to man through His prophets, because human beings are incapable of arriving at the correct answers by themselves.  All of the prophets of God taught their followers the answers to the question “Why did God create man?”

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The Purpose of Creation (part 1 of 3): An Introduction
The Purpose of Creation (part 2 of 3): The Judeo-Christian Answer
The Purpose of Creation (part 3 of 3): The Hindu Tradition
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