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Chapter 98, Al-Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence)  (Published on 20 Jun 2016)
Description: A short chapter that delves deeply into the fact that the religion of God needed Prophet Muhammad and a clear scripture, the Quran, to warn and guide the people of disbelief to the straight way.
Excerpt: The Clear Evidence is one of the short chapters found towards the end of the Quran.† It contains only eight verses yet covers a number of themes including the coming of Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, why it was necessary to send him with a new revelation, and the importance of respecting and acting upon knowledge.† This chapter takes its title from the closing words of the first verse Ė the clear evidence.† Chapter 98 also deals with a number of details about the history of faith.† (Read more...)
New Videos This Week
Prophecies About The Prophet Muhammad in The Bible  (Published on 20 Jun 2016)
Description: In this video Adnan Rashid discusses some of the prophecies in the previous scriptures which speak of the Messenger Muhammad. He also discusses the tolerance with which Islam received other religions over the course of history.
Featured Articles This Week
  • Chapter 16, Verse 18: The Countless Blessings of God  (Published on 02 Nov 2015)
    Description: The blessings we enjoy are innumerable. This verse reminds us of that and makes us reflect as to what is the best way to express gratitude to those blessings.
    Excerpt: Our lives are a continuous succession of Godís gifts. Many people, due to their outlook on life or their circumstances, fail to see that they are receiving Godís bounty. God has made it clear that we will never be able to count all of His blessings upon us, since they are innumerable. This statement is found elsewhere in the Qur'an, emphasizing humanity's ungratefulness and heedlessness of God's blessings: "If you were to count God's favors, you would not be able to number them; most surely humanity is very unjust, very ungrateful." (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
The Story of Prophet Joseph (PBUH)  (Published on 31 Aug 2015)
Description: In this video, Yahya Ibrahim speaks about the life of Prophet Jospeh deriving lessons for humans in order to correct ourselves and come closer to the truth.
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