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Chapter 25, Verses 63 Ė 76: The Characteristics of a Believer (part 2 of 2)  (Published on 18 May 2015)
Description: A continuation of the list of traits belonging to a believer.† God describes these characteristics in order that we may know them and develop them.
Excerpt: When the news of salvation via repentance was revealed it was considered a great blessing by the new Muslims.† Very few had been free from sin and vice during their time before the revelation of Islam and this general amnesty filled them with hope.† God is merciful and compassionate and does not rebuke a person for past errors.† Many instances of people who reformed their lives by repenting to God are reported in the authentic traditions of Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him.† (Read more...)
New Videos This Week
Is Belief In God Rational?  (Published on 18 May 2015)
Description: In this lecture Hamza Tzortzis discusses how science doesnít lead to atheism, the argument from consciousness, the argument from reason and how God is a self evident truth.
Is Atheism Unnatural?  (Published on 18 May 2015)
Description: In this video Hamza Tzortzis speaks about atheism its origins, whether its natural or not and how it affects the world we live in today.
Featured Articles This Week
  • How We as Muslims Celebrate Christ (part 1 of 2)  (Published on 23 Sep 2014)
    Description: Jesus hold a special place in the hearts of Muslims.† Part 1: This part summarizes some of the reasons why Muslims honor and love Jesus.
    Excerpt: We as Muslims share with the Jewish and Christian communities many points of commonality. These include: belief in God, belief that He revealed scriptures to humanity and sent a succession of prophets. The Qur'an, we notice, addresses the Jews and Christians from the vantage point of these points of agreement. We are concerned in this article with a particular point of commonality between Muslims and Christians Ė and that is our reverence for Jesus and our recognition that he is the Messiah, the Christ. (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
Quran and Bible between Realities and Doubt  (Published on 22 Dec 2014)
Description: In this debate Samuel Green and Brother Imran speak about what is the God's word: Bible or Quran.
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