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Forgiveness vs.† Retaliation (part 2 of 2): Overcome Anger and Forgive  (Published on 15 Dec 2014)
Description: Why forgiveness just might be better than retaliation.
Excerpt: As explained in Part 1 God understands the intricate nature of humankind.† Some people will not be satisfied without some sort of pay back or retaliation against those who do them an injustice; and rightly so.† However the religion of Islam tells us several things that are worth bearing in mind before retaliating. (Read more...)

New Videos This Week
The Real Message of Christ  (Published on 15 Dec 2014)
Description: In this video John Fontain discusses the message with which Jesus came with and where can it be found in its original form.
Mateen, Christian, UK  (Published on 15 Dec 2014)
Description: In this video Mateen speaks about his lifestyle as a drug dealing gangster rapper and how his life changed upon accepting Islam.
Featured Articles This Week
  • †The Muslim Roots of American Slaves (part 1 of 2): From Africa to America  (Published on 03 Feb 2014)
    Description: A brief look at the evidence suggesting that many Muslims were amongst the millions of slaves sent to North America.
    Excerpt: Most of the African slaves sent to North America came from West Africa.† They were men, women and children captured and sold to slave traders, forced on to ships, and kept in appalling conditions for the long journey to the Americas.† It is thought by modern historians that at the height of the slave trade, the 18th century, up to 7 million Africans had undertaken this voyage.† It is also estimated that up to 30% of the enslaved in North America were Muslim. (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
Is Life Just a Game?  (Published on 22 Sep 2014)
Description: In this video Hamza Tzortzis proves the existence of God rationally. He then proves why the Quran must be from God rationally.
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