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Unitarianism (part 2 of 2)  (Published on 27 Apr 2015)
Description: Separation from God, emptiness of worship, lack of reliance on prophetic teachings and resulting lack of religious identity among Unitarians is the focus of this article.
Excerpt: Controversies about belief in general, even in God, has created confusion among Unitarians.† Philip Hewett, long-time Unitarian minister from Vancouver, British Columbia says, "The real reason why it is so difficult to define Unitarianism in a few words is that its distinguishing characteristics are not to be found in the realm of beliefs and doctrines at all...Within traditional Christianity, this authority is found in the Bible, or in the Church, or in the recorded sayings of the founding fathers.† (Read more...)

New Videos This Week
Quran: Written or Revealed  (Published on 27 Apr 2015)
Description: In this video Mufti Menk answers the common question of whether the Quran was written or revealed.He brings historical and logical proofs to prove his argument.
Guidance  (Published on 27 Apr 2015)
Description: In this video Yusuf Estes reminds the greatest blessing God can bestowed upon a human which is of guidance and he shares the core Islamic beliefs.
Featured Articles This Week
  • Defining Values: Who Defines our Code of Conduct?  (Published on 01 Dec 2014)
    Description: A look at the meaning of values and the influence they have on our behavior. †Who decides what is right and what is wrong?
    Excerpt: Values can be defined as oneís principles, or standards of behaviour.† They are often called morals or ethics and are sometimes enshrined in codes of conduct or rules of behaviour.† Values are important and long lasting beliefs shared by the members of a culture or community.† They define what is good or bad and what is desirable or undesirable.† Values have an immense influence on a personís behaviour and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. (Read more...)
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