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Leading with Love Ė Our Prophetís Example  (Published on 20 Oct 2014)
Description: Prophet Muhammad led people with love, compassion and genuine care and this is why he gained unparallel respect and obedience.†
Excerpt: Love is the rain that quenches the soulís thirst in desolate times where the strong devours the weak and those in power oppress the disenfranchised.† This is why love was the approach chosen by the best of humanity, whom God send as a mercy to guide the people away from every form of oppression.† (Read more...)

New Videos This Week
Why Muslims Fast in Ramadan?  (Published on 20 Oct 2014)
Description: In this video Dr. Sabeel Ahmed speaks about why Muslims fast in Ramadan, some of the spiritual and health benefits of fasting and how the earlier Prophets fasted as well.
Abdullah Daniel Hernandez, Catholic, USA  (Published on 20 Oct 2014)
Description: In this video Abdullah Daniel Hernandez discusses how he came to Islam and why he went on a journey to Egypt to learn about Islam. He also discusses the reasons that led both his mother and father to Islam.
Featured Articles This Week
  • Is Jesus God or sent by God? (part 1 of 2)  (Published on 05 Nov 2012)
    Description: The first of a two-part article discussing the true role of Jesus.† Part 1: Discusses whether Jesus called himself God, Jesus referred to as Lord and the nature of Jesus.
    Excerpt: Jesus is a figure who is loved and revered by billions of people the world over.† Yet there is so much confusion surrounding the status of this colossal personality.† Muslims and Christians both hold Jesus in high regard but view him in very different ways. The questions raised in this article aim to get to the heart of the issues surrounding Jesus: Is Jesus God? Or was he sent by God? Who was the real historical Jesus? (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?  (Published on 28 Apr 2014)
Description: In this debate Michael Licona and Brother Imran debate whether Jesus rose from the dead or not
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