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Chapter 6, Al-Aníam (The Cattle) (part 3 of 3)  (Published on 30 May 2016)
Description: Godís signs and blessings are everywhere.† Despite this some people worships things other than God.
Excerpt: God sent down the blessed Quran as a warning to the people of Mecca and to the rest of the children of Adam, Arabs and non-Arabs alike.† †Those who already believe in the Hereafter know it is the truth and will be steadfast in performing their prayers.† Telling lies about God and pretending to have received a revelation is wicked.† Anyone doing this will face extreme punishment and humiliation, not the intercession they had hoped for.† Their intercessors whom they associated with God will be of no help.† (Read more...)
New Videos This Week
The Story of Yusuf (Joseph)  (Published on 30 May 2016)
Description: In this video Omar Suleiman sheds light on the lives of both Prophet Joseph and Prophet Muhammad. He focuses on selected scenes from the chapter of Joseph from the Quran.
The Golden Age of Islam  (Published on 30 May 2016)
Description: In this video Wahaj Tarin drawa a contrast between the Muslim world and the Western world during the reign of the golden age of Islam. He discusses some of the inventions and clarifies some of the misconceptions around the concept of the Muslim state.
Featured Articles This Week
  • The Probability of Macroevolution  (Published on 26 Aug 2013)
    Description: After the tremendous advancements and achievements made during the third millennium in the field of genetics, we are now in a better position to assess the chances for macroevolution of evolution theory to have occurred during the history of the universe.
    Excerpt: Science accomplished enormous progress and achievements during the third millennium in genetics.† Scientists has sequenced and mapped the entire genomes of more than 2800 organisms/species including human, and the count is on. Macroevolution of evolution theory tells us that humans, as well as other multicellular forms of life, have evolved from primitive single-celled organisms that fall under the kingdom of prokaryotes or even more primitive. (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
New Atheism Destroyed  (Published on 14 Sep 2015)
Description: In this video Kamil Mufti speaks about the different unreasonable arguments that are given in regards to the New Atheism and is compared with Islam.
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