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The Prophet and the Alcoholic  (Published on 27 Oct 2014)
Description: Prophet Muhammad did not marginalize the sinful members of society and this makes it easier for the sinful to overcome their mistakes.   
Excerpt: There was a man named Abd Allah who loved Allah and His Messenger so much that the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, had to declare about him: "Indeed, he loves Allah and His Messenger." This man named Abd Allah so loved the Prophet that he used to delight in presenting the Prophet with any delicacy that came to Medina, so when any merchant caravan arrived with something like butter or honey, he would take it for him as a gift. (Read more...)

New Videos This Week
Reflecting on Death  (Published on 27 Oct 2014)
Description: In this video Hamza Tzortzis speaks about death and discusses some reflections, which should make us realize the purpose of life.
Is Life Fair?  (Published on 27 Oct 2014)
Description: In this video Omar Suleiman speaks about life and how one cannot accuse God of its unfairness but focus on the purpose of life.
Featured Articles This Week
  • Ten Commandments in the Quran (part 1 of 3): A Quick Introduction  (Published on 19 Mar 2012)
    Description: A review of what are the Ten Commandments and their place in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths.
    Excerpt: Reading the title, some people might think of the ‘The Ten Commandments,’ one of the most financially successful movie rated as one of the best ten movies ever. Or the title might stir the memories of the national debate of putting ‘The Ten Commandments’ on public property and use in public schools that ended in the Supreme Court in 2005? (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
Eighth Scroll (part 1 of 2)  (Published on 11 Mar 2013)
Description: In this video, discusses his novel about the dead sea scrolls.
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