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New Articles This Week
Treating Guests the Islamic Way  (Published on 25 Aug 2014)
Description: The rights of guests and the responsibilities of the guests towards their hosts.
Excerpt: You might, in the course of your daily lives, hear Muslims talking about the Islamic way; the Islamic way to dress, the Islamic way to eat, and the Islamic way to wash.† This is because Islam is a holistic way of life.† †It is not separated into physical, emotional and spiritual areas; rather Islam teaches that all aspects of life combine to fulfil one purpose; the worship of God. (Read more...)

New Videos This Week
The Quran: The Only Testable Living Miracle Left For Mankind  (Published on 25 Aug 2014)
Description: In this video Dr. Lawrence Brown speaks briefly about the Quran touching upon its language miracles and who was its author.
Miracles in the Quran  (Published on 25 Aug 2014)
Description: In this video Imam Moustafa speaks about some of the miracles of the Quran that at the time of the Prophet (PBUH) were impossible to know but have been proved by scientists.
Zakariah, Ex-Mormon, Canada  (Published on 25 Aug 2014)
Description: In this video Zakariah discusses how he discovered Islam. He also shares why he felt that Mormonism wasn't the divine truth.
Featured Articles This Week
  • Evidence for God: Fine Tuning Argument Summarized (part 1 of 2)  (Published on 28 Apr 2014)
    Description: A two article summary of fine-tuning by design, an argument from physics for the divine creation of the universe.† The original articles with detailed citations can be read here.† This article will summarize the types and examples of fine-tuning.
    Excerpt: Over the past century, scientists have discovered that if certain properties of the universe were changed very slightly from what they are, we would not be here.† They have to be within a very narrow range for our universe to make life possible and be habitable.† The universe is fine-tuned for the existence of intelligent life with a complexity and delicacy that literally defy human comprehension.† (Read more...)
Featured Videos This Week
Peace With the Creator  (Published on 10 Feb 2014)
Description: In this video Dr. Jamal Badawi discusses some of the issues related to peace with the creator. He shares insight about the etymological origin of the word peace.
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